January 29, 2022

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  • After staying up pretty late last night, this house was pretty quiet most of the morning long. Bentley was the first one up followed by Whitman and Graham. Robby and I didn't hurry to much to get out of bed either.
  • This morning we did very little-well all of today, we did very little. I did make an egg for my breakfast. I never really make eggs-I noticed this week that Reagan and Graham made the prettiest eggs ever. So I made my egg today, and it wasn't exactly as pretty as their eggs. Now my egg may not have been as pretty because Reagan definitely uses a lot more butter than me.
  • We watched the Hogs play this afternoon. Well, Robby watched the Hogs play this afternoon, and I watched the Hogs play a bit-watching people run up and down the court make me sleepy.
  • And as soon as that game was finished, it was time to head to the next game-Graham's. It was a good game-well, other than the fact that Robby and Anderson almost got kicked out. Kidding, kind of, no, not really! 
  • Anderson wasn't disrespectful, but he did holler, "turn around" to the ref. The ref didn't like that at all, and stopped play to say something back. Not really sure what he said, but that is when Robby also said something about the ref shouldn't be talking to the fans. It was a few uncomfortable moments-ha! 
  • Afterwards, the ref did start calling a few more fouls. Graham's team was playing the number 1 seed. It wasn't a pretty game and the refs' and clocks' confusions may have helped Graham's team win which we will certainly take. 
  • They did barely win-Graham only scored 2 points, but played good defense. He even fell down hard twice and lost his shoe once. It was a wild game.
  • After the game, we all came home for a little bit. Anderson's game was next so Robby, I and Keaton went to watch his game. His team didn't do very well today-well, the last time they played this team the score was much worse. Anderson does still seem to have fun though during the games.
  • We did stop by ChickFilA on the way home today. Everyone else had eaten nuggets, pizzas, or chicken sandwiches at home. Robby and I had the nutritional supper of ice cream. I think that I might try some tea again, but I'm not quiet sure. 

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