January 3, 2022

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  • Well, this was certainly a perfect do nothing day. Oddly enough Campbell and Keaton were the first ones out of bed this morning. They were both cuddled up in the living room under blankets this morning. 
  • This afternoon Robby did add the heater to the living room. That makes it incredibly cozy-also it adds at least one child sitting in front of the heater at all times. Seriously, there is always someone, and usually there is also a timer going showing how long they get to sit there until it is someone else's turn.
  • Despite the chilly weather, I did take Bentley on a walk. While we were on our walk, I got a bit chilly, and decided that we wouldn't go the whole way-my ears were cold. I did see that stray dog that I don't like on the walk so that was another reason I cut it short. 
  • When we made it back to the yard, Bentley was sniffing around trying to go to the bathroom, and that is when I started to get hot. I guess just standing in the sun made my warmer than walking briskly in the cold, windy air. 
  • After Bentley's walk, I did my laundry and dishes. Once Whitman did wake up, I did some school work with him hoping that it will make things smoother tomorrow. (I don't have huge hopes on things being smoother though). 
  • Anderson did drive a little bit today. He just drove to the little church, but he did a perfect job. We were on the way to the library, and I guess since we had driven that far, he also thought that we would go by ChickFilA which we did.
  • Back at home, most of us played Uno Flip which Whitman got for Christmas. We played that silly game for over an hour. It was a wild, wild time. Some of my children can get a little bit loud when playing games, and they certainly were tonight.
  • After the game, Robby and I watched some tv. We cleaned out the fridge again today-I am not sure where all of this food keeps coming from. We did have to supplement with pancakes and sausage though. 
  • Keaton is making a bracelet currently. Most folks have had showers tonight. And as soon as this little blog is over, I am planning on watching a Hallmark movie and reading through a cookbook. 

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