January 27, 2022

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  • It was a super nice school day today. We did our work together first. Then we moved on to other work. Again today, at one point everyone in the house was waiting to work with me. I tried to hurry, but I was sitting in my spot in my bedroom until 1. 
  • I do our school work sitting in the floor of my bedroom. I sit right in front of the window and try to stay in the sunshine all of the day long. There wasn't much sun shining today-usually it will make us hot. Bentley does sometime fight me for my spot in the sun. 
  • Campbell was going to save some of her work for tomorrow, but since she was having to wait so long on me, she decided to go ahead and finish it all. Whitman worked hard again today, and he finished in record time. And what has he done all day long? perler beads. Thankfully, Campbell is able to iron them now so that does cut out one thing on my plate. She enjoys ironing them and maybe that is a good skill to have-being able to iron.
  • Anderson does still have a few things left to do tomorrow. And really, I bet that Graham has a few things left too. Reagan didn't take her morning nap and instead was ready to work with me early-she was actually the one that caused the back up since working with her early is definitely out of the ordinary.
  • As soon as I was finished with my school work, I jumped on the treadmill. Well, I really didn't jump on the treadmill-I walked, and walked slowly. After I did finish, Keaton and I went to the pregnancy center for a little bit. We worked the entire time there-there was plenty of work to do. 
  • When we did leave, we hurried home so we could eat our supper before heading to Graham's basketball practice. I made Joanna Gaine's chili recipe. We did decide that it was better than our normal chili that we make. However, we still search for a keeper chili recipe.
  • Robby went with us to basketball practice tonight along with Campbell and Keaton. We bought bread at Costco and then a few things at Walmart. I even bought some tea to try during my movie tonight. It wasn't bad....but it wasn't good. 

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