January 11, 2022

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  • Since Anderson and Reagan didn't have their co-op today, that meant that we were all able to work together this morning. Plus this gave them an extra day to do school so that is a good thing. 
  • We were all able to get quite a bit of work accomplished today, before the first main event of the day. Today was Bentley's first birthday. 
  • It is something how much that dog has changed things around here. Over a year ago, I would have said that we sure didn't need a dog, but in reality we all needed her. So we celebrated big today.
  • Campbell had her a cake plus Keaton had made ice cream. We tried to get Bentley to blow out her candle, but the kids all had to help. We did let Bentley eat as much of her cake as she wanted.
  • Then of course, there were presents for Bentley. Pretty much all of the toys that she has gotten today, she has already chewed through. She has enjoyed chewing on all of her toys today though.
  • After the birthday party, Robby and Graham left for Graham's Christmas gift. They headed to Memphis to watch the Warriors (Graham’s favorite team) play the Grizzlies.Before they got too far out of town, they stopped at ChickFilA for lunch.
  • They stopped by to see Les for a little bit, and even checked into their hotel room before the game. They made sure that they were at the game a bit early. I know that Graham greatly enjoyed the game tonight even though they weren't pleased with the outcome.
  • The rest of us had a pretty quiet afternoon. I walked n the treadmill some. We also tried out Shannon's bread maker which was a success-kind of. It didn't rise like we wanted it to, but it was still delicious-and we will try again tomorrow.
  • We played a game tonight, and then after that it was time to take Anderson to his basketball practice. This was the first time that I stayed and didn't run any errands. I was surprised at how quickly the practice seemed to be over. However, when Anderson was finished with practice he was dripping with sweat so practice must have been longer for him than for me!
  • We watched some tv when we came home and a few folks had a shower. Then it was time for bed-possibly time for a movie for me! 

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