January 23, 2022

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  • Today we went back to Sunday school which was certainly good. My kids were certainly excited to be back with their friends. Surprisingly, we had a fairly decent number of kids so it made the hour pass by pretty quickly. 
  • After church we had lunch at Nonna and Pops' house. While we were there, we were planning on getting our groceries delivered since they don't deliver to our house anymore. However, after waiting a bit they never came.
  • Later in the afternoon Robby did get a message that they were on the way. However, they never showed up, and he eventually cancelled our order. Walmart has been a lot of trouble for this Dennie house the last few days.
  • Robby did go to the store with Keaton to pick up a few things that we needed for supper tonight. Right before he left, I made mac and cheese for Anderson's life group. Reagan took him there, and then she went to her life group. 
  • A bit later, Brett came and took Graham and Campbell to church tonight. It does make my heart happy to have most of my folks at church on a Sunday night. We were talking tonight about Sunday night church, and even though it would be hard to go back, we do miss Sunday night church.
  • We had chicken spaghetti, green bean bundles, bread, a blondie dessert, and apple crisp. It was all a decent meal for sure, and there were little leftovers which was good. The Wilsons stayed and watched some football with us before they left-which signals the sad end to the weekend. 

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