January 6, 2022-Happy Birthday Tara

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  • It was a pretty great 44th birthday day for me. I was the first one to wake up-well, that is not exactly true. Graham was in the school room as my alarm was going off this morning. Though I must not have let my alarm ring too many times, because my ringing alarm didn't wake up Robby or Bentley like it does most mornings. 
  • Graham was already working hard on his school work which made me extremely proud. I've been a bit worried about a few gaps in our schooling and have been praying for some motivation for people. So seeing him working early in the morning was quite a birthday gift for me.
  • When Bentley and I went outside this morning it was super cold. We did our walk around the block, but it was more like a jog around the block today. I didn't even give her time to do her daily business because it was too cold. I have already decided that there will be no walks tomorrow when it is even colder.
  • Anderson and Reagan went to school this morning. They were kind of hoping for a snow day and kind of not hoping for a snow day. A snow day would mean their classes would be on zoom, and the Dennies aren't fans of zoom for sure. 
  • Speaking of zoom, we found out that our Bible study is now online until the end of February. I guess I am thankful for technology, but we will not be doing zoom. We will continue to keep up with our Bible study lessons though.
  • The afternoon was pretty perfect-well, other than my treadmill walk. Anderson and Reagan came home from school safely. Whitman did some coding, Campbell did some drawing. I had some hot chocolate and read a cookbook.
  • Eventually, it was time to head to basketball practice for Keaton and Graham. (We find out tomorrow about what will happen to the games on Saturday.) I visited during the first practice and then walked the second practice. Robby spent his time running errands and picking up our supper.
  • Robby and the kids made my birthday pretty great today. After eating, we opened presents-just about everyone had something for me. Keaton had even made my lunch today and cleaned the kitchen some. 
  • The Wilsons came over just as we were about to eat our cheesecake and cookies for dessert. They stayed and visited for a while, then it was eventually bedtime for me and my crew.

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