January 22, 2022

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  • Not only did Robby and I watch one Hallmark movie last night, we ended up watching 2. That meant that we were just getting people in bed at 1 last night. By the time we settled down in our beds it was almost 2. 
  • And of course as things go, that is when Robby heard the smoke alarm battery chirping. Now, our battery powered smoke alarms are just back ups since we have a newer set of fancy dancy alarms as well. We debated if the chirping would keep us up. I didn't think that it would keep me up, but Robby thought it would keep him up.
  • He went to find which alarm it was. And as things go, it took him a good while to find which one it was. I even had to come and listen to try to help. He finally did figure it out-and as he was taking the batteries out, he put it up to his ear, and the thing went off for real. Robby went to bed half deaf.
  • Since we were all up supper late, everyone also slept super late. Robby and I were in bed until almost lunch time. In our defense, I will say that we did keep getting out of bed and keep coming back to where it was warm. 
  • It was eventually time to head to basketball-the only thing that we did today. Keaton had her last game. Her team just works well together and does really well. Keaton spent a good deal of time guarding a girl a foot taller and guarding another girl who liked to scratch. She had fun, and they won their last game. It was a fun season for Keaton.
  • We just had one hour long break today so it was soon time to watch Graham's team play. They were a little bit off today, but they still pulled out the win. And finally Anderson's team was also a little bit off, but they didn't come away with a win-they were close until the last few minutes though.
  • Robby picked up ChickFilA on the way home, and we all ate that before settleing in for the evening to watch the Hogs play their basketball game.

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