January 25, 2022

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  • This is the second day in a row that I have woken up just a few minutes before my alarm has gone off. Really, that is one for the worst things ever. I still hot snooze for another minute or two before getting up. The only one that me hitting snooze affects is poor Bentley who doesn't get a proper walk in the morning. Hopefully, the kids follow through with their chores and walk her plenty in the afternoon time.
  • We did all of our school work today. Reagan had a new routine-when we are working together Robby usually runs on the treadmill. Since he is still up there when we finish, Reagan ends up in her bed....then she ends up asleep. So I woke her up around noon today asking if she was ready to work together with me.
  • I was able to finish most of my work right before 1, and I even had my lunch of cereal and yogurt. Robby and I then left to go to the library and the grocery store. We picked up a few things that we needed and came home in time for me to walk on the treadmill.
  • I did that while people were in and out from the trampoline. Graham usually plays basketball outside at some point during the day. Yesterday while I was on the treadmill, Graham and Anderson were playing with Whitman's bouncy ball outside, and I could hear it banging on the house despite the noise from the treadmill and tv.
  • I went to work on the frying up 12 pounds of meat. It took my about an hour, but supper was still ready before we left the house for basketball. Campbell did help me make some mac and cheese while the chicken patties were in the oven. So basically supper was pretty easy tonight, but it was a decent little supper.
  • Then Anderson drove me half way to his basketball practice. Well, we actually stopped at Old Navy first to buy him a shirt. Of course they weren't on sale, but Robby managed to find a coupon for us. That worked out well since Campbell also found a 4 dollar summer dress for her.
  • We dropped Anderson off at practice, and Campbell and Keaton went with me to the dollar tree. And you know what I bought there? reading glasses! Yep. I read every morning to the kids, and I can see just fine. But gracious, I sure can't see my Bible well during church! I guess I'm getting old!...I know I am getting old!

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