July 9, 2022

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  • By the that Robby and I were out of bed this morning, all of the boys were up and going strong. Whitman was on his ipad downstairs, Graham had taken a shower and Anderson was on his xbox. 
  • I got myself out of bed and emptied the dishwasher before waking up the girls. Then it was a shower for me followed by starting to fold the 3 loads of laundry from last night.
  • Reagan, Campbell and Keaton went with me to pick up Nonna. Then we all headed to the shower. My crew was especially cute so I took a picture of them and Nonna after the shower.
  • Back at home, I ended up taking a wonderful nap. I think that most people had a pretty low key afternoon-really, no one did a whole lot today
  • Graham, Campbell, Keaton and Whitman went with us to the pool late this afternoon. There were quite a few people there-it was crowded, but we found spots by all of the friends, and the kids enjoyed swimming. 
  • We left after 7 and went to pick up pizza. However, it took way too long for pizza, but once we did get it home, it was worth the wait. After supper, I finally finished the laundry while the kids started on their showers. 
  • Campbell had to pack again since she pulls out again on Monday with Keaton and Whitman. I think that packing is getting easier for her since she has done it so often this summer. Currently, I think that everyone has had their showers, and I'm eyeing some ice cream!

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