July 4, 2022

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  • Despite having 5 extra girls in the house, we all slept great last night. I don't think that the girls woke up until around 8:30. The eventually migrated to the kitchen where they ate some breakfast and played Telestrations until their moms started to pick them up.
  • Whitman missed all of this and continued to snooze on my couch until almost 11. Robby and I worked in the camper some this morning. Keaton did ask to get Bentley's pool out.
  • She did, and not surprisingly, Bentley still does not enjoy water. She did stand in it obediently, but whenever she had a chance to step out, she would take it.
  • Whitman joined and soon Bentley's pool became Whitman and Keaton's splash spot. They began by splashing, but ended with water balloons. Robby used the hose to defend himself against the balloons. 
  • Then he went in to give Bentley a bath-there is nothing smellier than a wet dog. Even a clean wet dog smells like a wet dog! She does smell much better when she dries thankfully.
  • For supper tonight, we went to Chilis. It was fine, but Robby and I both agreed that we need some other activity other than eating out. We had been in all day long and were getting a little bit stir crazy. I suggested that next time we go and get sno cones, but that wouldn't answer the "what's for supper?" question.
  • After eating, we came home. I began working on my pictures while Reagan had a shower and the others played on their devices. Currently, I think I may take a quick nap before bedtme!
  • Rock Creeker (Anderson, Graham, and Campbell) update: Their buses left last night at 11:30. They had a drive exchange somewhere along the route. Then this morning they all ate breakfast at ChickFilA.
  • After breakfast the did have a stop at Buccees followed by lunch at a mall right near their camp. Shannon was able to give me a report and send some pictures. It looked like Graham helped unload a trailer, he played volleyball and basketball. Anderson was spotted playing volleyball, and Campbell was seen swimming. 
  • Their supper tonight was BBQ, beans and chips. During supper, they had a livestream on Facebook, and we watched it as we ate at Chilis. We were able to spot everyone-Campbell seemed to be attracted to the camera while Graham and Anderson did their best to hide from it!

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