July 5, 2022

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  • I slept in a little bit this morning which was super nice. I wasn't trying to, but then I figured I had all day to get my stuff done. However, that "all day" seemed really short so I was scurrying around this morning.
  • Robby ended up having to take the camper to the place in North Little Rock to get it fixed. He had called about just buying a new generator online and installing with help of friends. The price was so large he thought a couple hundred dollars for the place in NLR to diagnose it officially would be worth it.
  • He headed there as soon as he could, and as soon as I could wake everyone else up, we went to pick him up. He left there feeling pretty good about things-they will replace with a brand new generator plus have a warranty and hopefully installed within 2 weeks and and still less than the price from the place online and that was just the hardware.  So that all is promising.
  • On the Memphis car front-they called today saying that it was the front axle. That makes me pretty nervous since the noise was not coming from the front of the car. Seriously, we were all sitting in the car, and we all thought it was the rear wheel. I stood outside and heard the sound. So all that to say, I sure hope the mechanics know what they are doing and somehow the front axle makes sounds from the rear wheel. Robby did play some YouTube videos tonight with a car making similar noises and it being axle related.
  • After picking up Robby, we ran to Hobby Lobby and then he shuttled Reagan, Keaton and I to Goodwill. While we were inside looking, Robby and Whitman ran to Kroger-mainly for Whitman  to go to the bathroom. He has a huge water bottle-like Anderson, and he has drank all of it today so far at least twice. Needless to say, he had to go to the bathroom for a good while at Kroger.
  • They picked up Sonic for us when the did pick us up. We found a few things-leggings and shoes for Keaton, 3 or 4 tshirts for Reagan along with a pair of sandals for her. Next time we go, I am going to make the girls only look for the tags that are on sale that day. We had a few of those today, and that sure made a difference in my total.
  • After our shopping excursion, we came home for a few minutes. Then headed back out to the pool. Reagan even decided to come with us-I think she has been a bit bored lately. It is hard going from vbs to camp to mission trip and then home with one sister gone with no work to go to. Next week she will have two sisters gone so by then she will be super bored. Maybe even bored enough she will help me clean her room and closet.
  • The pool was warm, but Keaton and Whitman were loving playing with their buddies. Keaton even went home with Lily, and I do know that she played a game of Monopoly over at their house. Electronic monopoly-it apparently is played super fast so the games don't go months like they do here at this house.
  • Kennedy came over to spend the night here. Robby and I took a walk this evening, and that is about all that we did tonight. Oh, no-I take that back. Robby vacuumed pretty much the entire house while I cleaned all of the potties. We could vacuum here every single day and for some reason we have stopped cleaning the potties so both chores were necessary this evening.
  • Rock Creeker Update: They had pancakes and bacon this morning for breakfast. There was possibly some type of dodgeball thing along with a volleyball tournament happening today. Shannon is faithfully taking pictures of my babies and said that the temperature was 87 there today but felt warmer.
  • Supper tonight was pasta, salad and rolls. Anderson's group was on kitchen clean up. Then tonight's big activity was going to Race City which is like a little amusement park. Also to note-it doesn't look like they are too sunburned so that is a good thing for sure!

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