July 6, 2022

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  • Reagan had to be the first one awake this morning. She headed out by 9 this morning to go to church. They then headed to a local church to work on cleaning out the rooms. She said that they hauled stuff to throw it away and cleaned all day long. 
  • She had a great time, of course, since she was with all of her buddies. When they came back to the church house, they even hung out up there. Robby always talks about all of the time that he spent hanging out up at the church, so I am glad that Reagan has that opportunity as well. 
  • Keaton was gone since she had spent the night at a friend's house. That just left Whitman here so of course he slept on our couch, and he seemed to sleep most of the morning long. I actually had to wake him up so he could go with me to pick up Keaton and Lily.
  • We then ran to Nonna's house to drop off some cookies before going to the library. I couldn't get the kids to check out any books, but they did do the scavenger hunt so they could collect a prize from the treasure box. Plus they did grab the craft for the week-sand to make.
  • When we came home, the girls played, and Whitman did some school work and some ipading. I worked-organized a pantry, the chip cabinet, the cabinet under the bar, and then I worked on the girls' clothes and closet. I did decide that I am not going to buy any girl any clothes anymore. There room, drawers and closet is just plain ridiculous! I have the rest of this week, plus next week to make it better and make it better I will.
  • This evening we headed to the pool. The kids enjoyed playing with everyone, but Robby and I enjoyed talking to the adults even more. We stayed later than we had intended we were having so much fun chatting. On the way home, we stopped at Arby's for supper. We ate pretty quickly because we were hungry! 
  • Then we walked Bentley tonight in the dark. She is pretty unsettled because the neighbors have people working on their air conditioner so Bentley is just walking from closed window to closed window barking. When she does lay down, she looks up at me and barks occasionally to let me know that she is mad I will not let her in the mudroom to see out the big window.
  • We are currently watching a tv show, and when it is over it will certainly be bedtime!
  • Rock Creeker Update: We have seen the kids in their instagram lives. I do believe that they each said "hi mom" on the video when instructed. By the pictures from Shannon is looked like the boys spent some time playing basketball while Campbell was, of course, on the beach. Thankfully, she did not yet look sunburned! Supper tonight was taco salad so I know that they enjoyed that since it is a standard meal around here.

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