July 13, 2022

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  • Well, another day-and I think that I might need a hobby. Ha! Now a hobby would be good, but there is only about 2 weeks a year that I feel this way. 
  • After waking up, I did the normal house things. Then we walked Bentley around for a little bit. Our little walk is just a teeny bit over a mile. I am not sure that she could go much further-and it is so hot by the time that we walk that we couldn't go much more either!
  • Since I had finished my book last night, I didn't have much to read. I have one more book, but I am just going to skim it so that doesn't really count.
  • Robby and I did run to Grannymom and Grandpa's house for a little bit this afternoon. Then we went and walked around Sams for a little bit. The only thing that we found were foil sheets that we were running out of.
  • Meanwhile, Reagan went dress clothes shopping with Nonna this afternoon. They found a few things so that was very good. Reagan had laid out all of her purchases when she got home and tried on most of them again.
  • We thought that the boys were going to come with us on our afternoon outing. However, they opted to stay back at the house-they are definitely getting in their xbox time in this week. They are also getting in some school work. 
  • Don't tell the kids, but next week we will add a bit of school work to everyone's list. And then the next-even more. And that leads us to the first week of August which will be the first week of full school here. (Now, don't hold me to that because I sure my chicken out and wait another week!)
  • We had bbq for supper, and shortly after Reagan left for her dgroup. It is just right down the road so it doesn't take her long to get there.
  • Robby and I have settled into our chairs and are watching rv videos-we are a bit sour that we are not camping somewhere cool. The next plan is to take Bentley on another walk once it gets a bit cooler this evening.

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