July 24, 2022

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  • The morning started just as most Sunday mornings start: with us hitting snooze just as long as we can before we jump up and start scrambling. I vividly remember Sunday mornings when we would have to wake up hours before to wash babies, make breakfasts, help people put on tights and fix hair before church.
  • Now things are certainly alot easier. We just really have to do a lot of yelling to get things in motion now. Not really. Robby fairly easily woke up the kids while I was in the shower. Then I went to the bonus room to wake up Keaton and Sophia who had slept up there.
  • By the time my hair was dry, I made the rounds making sure that everyone was up and most people were already dressed with hairs combed, teeth brushed and breakfasts made. I had nursery duty this morning so we had to leave a little bit earlier than normal.
  • Oh, there was one slow down today-not really a slow down, but poor Anderson has an ear that is bothering him. Most folks have had a cold lately-his was 2 weeks ago when the little girls and Whitman were at camp, but now it is his ear that is bothering him. Last week I cleaned out the medicine drawers and found some ear drops so that is what I used this morning.
  • (My plan was to take him to the doctor as soon as possible tomorrow. However, tonight he said that it did feel better. Now, he seemed pretty puny at Nonna and Pops' house this afternoon and even skipped church tonight becuase of his ear. But by the end of the evening he was playing basketball outside with Brett and Graham and telling me that his ear is better. All of that to say-I'll continue the ear drops and hopefully, it will be remarkedbly better or worse tomorrow, and we will know what to do.)
  • Campbell asked if she could do nursury duty with me, and I reluctantly agreed-I know that is just a ploy to get out of having to go to big church. However, today she was invaluable. There were 5 little babies and without Campbell there would have just been two of us. We definitely needed her help since no one was really content today. 
  • After that was Sunday school-which I love teaching, I do, yes, I think I do-trying to remind myself that! We have a perfect little group that we are moving up with next year so things will still be easy and good, but teaching Sunday school is just a never ending thing. 
  • We ate lunch at Nonna and Pops' house. As soon as Robby was finished he ran home to let Bentley out for a few minutes. He changed his clothes and played with her since he soon had to put her back up and come and pick us up.
  • The church was packing meals with Tacos for Life this afternoon. It started off a bit rocky-all of us other than Robby and Graham struggled to find a spot to work. Robby and Graham were working in the heavy lifting jobs weighing and taping boxes.
  • They eventually found spots for us-Whitman and I were together and man he struggled at first. They put us at the spot where we had to put the bags under the funnel. This meant that he had to pick up, open and strategically place the bag under the funnel all while wearing gloves that were 4 sizes too big for him. 
  • After a bit, I sent him to find other gloves. I took over his spot and was needed so I couldn't stop to help him as he struggled for the longest to put on his gloves. Hughey finally walked by and helped him. Then I asked if he could switch jobs with someone, and he was set. He was able to do his job successfully.
  • However, there was no air conditioners in the place and it was a bit hot (a bit is an understatement). Whitman's face was so red and sweat was just everywhere on his little face. I was worried that he was going to pass out, but then I looked at the people around me and they looked the same. I did make him stop at one point and go and get some water. 
  • He walked by with his water and then came back to the table without it. I had hoped that he would come back with some left in the bottle for me-nope. He drank it all! He was definitly thirsty. He did great, but I am sure that everyone else did wonderful as well. Campbell and Anderson were at a table together and Reagan and Keaton were together. Robby found everyone to take pictures except Anderson-and I never saw any one during this time except for Whitman and Robby when he did come to take pictures.
  • Whitman then left with his friend Owen to spend the night. We dropped off Graham and Campbell at Rock Creek on the way home for basketball. Then the rest of us came home and crashed. Robby probably slept for 30 minutes while I got in a 15 minute nap. Reagan slept much longer, and Keaton and Anderson just vegged for a while.
  • Then we started on our supper for this evening-cruch wraps (basically a tortilla with beans, chicken, cheese and a tostado inside of it.). It was really pretty good. Robby made them on the blackstone outside and then heated up some of our favorite camping cinnamon dessert. 
  • We ate and visited for a good while toniht and even watched our camping Sunday night show. Brett brought home the Rock Creekers and they played a new game (for us) too. When the Wilsons left, I finished cleaning the kitchen and the kids had showers-and now it is time for me to walk upstairs and tell these people to go to bed!

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