July 18, 2022

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  • Not too much happening here today. I was the first one awake for a good long while this morning. Everyone was well aware that school work would have to be begun by 11. Robby and I did walk Bentley before I came home and started working on some school with people.
  • Now there were a few folks, Keaton and Reagan, who slept all the way until 11-well, they slept all the way until after 11 when I finally went upstairs to wake them up. I hadn't added a too many things to the school lists for the kids, but there were a few more things today. Next week there will be even more trying to prepare everyone for the first real week of school. (Honestly, I know that there are no real preparations for that first real week back.)
  • Keaton did go with me this afternoon to take Bentley to the vet. She just needed one shot so it didn't take us anytime at all to do that. Then once we made it home, it was time to leave again for the pool.
  • Lily was there with my Campbell, Keaton and Whitman. They had the best time-the girls all played most of the time, and Whitman did his normal thing bobbing up and down in the water. We stayed until they closed at 5.
  • I told Robby that leaving the pool at 5 is really the perfect time-there is still plenty of time during the evening. When we came home from the pool, Robby and I watched a show before making supper. 
  • Tonight's supper was chicken, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese and green beans-I do believe that everyone left the table happy. After supper, some folks started showering while Robby and I watched another show. 
  • The current plan for the rest of the evening is to not leave my chair which sounds like a perfect plan!

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