July 19, 2022

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  • I was not the first one awake this morning-Robby was and probably Bentley as well. She is probably the one who woke me up though or maybe it was my alarm clock. Robby and I did our early morning walk with Bentley, then we all got to work.
  • Before school could happen today, Graham left with Robby to meet his friends at the movie theater. He did find out that one of his friends wasn't going to be able to come, so that left Graham with an extra ticket-so he asked Whitman if he wanted to come.
  • It took Whitman no time at all to decide-stay home and do school or go see a movie with a bunch of big kids. Whitman did want to know if this would count as one of his movies from his Christmas gift. 
  • Robby made sure that all of the kids got into the theater, and since we had bought the tickets he did feel a bit responsible so he stuck near the theater. He had never been to the movie tavern-it is quite the place. He was able to sit inside there and do his work while the kids watched the movie.
  • After the movie, they all came home and were here a bit before we headed to the pool. Whitman had almost finished his school work when I made him stop to put on his bathing suit. Yesterday, he asked if he could skip the pool. He notices that the big kids don't go, but I know that he has a great time there so he goes.
  • It was warm today, but everyone got in the pool just a bit. I was able to read some, and Robby ran some errands. He even bought me some vitamins which I have been wanting. So here is the deal-I can't swallow pills (don't ask-yes, I'm an adult and can't swallow anything) but I also detest gummies and that is what most vitamins seem to be these days. I did manage to eat some today-now I will be healthy with long beautiful hair and nails. (I don't know what vitamins are really supposed to do, but isn't that what old women are supposed to take?)
  • After the pool, we picked up pizza on the way home from our new favorite pizza place-Costco. Ir is a bit comical that 2 of their pizzas feed all of us with so, so many leftovers. On the way home, Robby realized that he had forgotten to buy our movie tickets for tonight, so we ended up needing to leave immediately once we got home from the pool.
  • There was time enough for me to put on dry clothes and to grab some pizza, but then it was time for me, Robby and Reagan to head to our movie for the day. We went back to the movie tavern-tonight we watched Elvis.
  • I do have two takeaways from the movie-1. Don't to drugs. 2. How in the world did the people watching the movie with us not have to get up and go to the bathroom? Robby and I went to the bathroom once and Reagan twice. I didn't see anyone else in the theater get up at all. I needed to go again but was worried that I might miss the end of the movie and people would say "oh, that poor girl missed the end of the movie when she went to the bathroom."
  • Back at home, Graham and Anderson were having a party. (They did ask.) They had two friends over and another one showed up after we got home. Campbell made brownies-not for the boys, but she did pass them out to them. They played basketball and are now upstairs in the boys' room. I am sitting in my chair in the living room being responsible until the kids all head home tonight.

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