July 21, 2022

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  • This morning on our walk Bentley and I were dragging a little bit. Maybe because we let it get a little bit warm before we started out today.
  • Pretty much when we returned from the walk, it was time for me to start waking people up to start on their school work. Whitman was the only one awake, but he hadn't been awake too long.
  • I am already re working some school things because I have had one slacker. I'm trying to make this next year's school "slack proof." I make things pretty easy for the kids, but we did have a come to Jesus meeting already about school and the school year hasn't even started.
  • Reagan, Anderson and Graham had a youth thing at ChickFilA today. Man, these kids growing up is expensive. They just aren't too keen on splitting chicken sandwiches anymore or sharing a kid's meal like they used to. Everyone has to have a meal and then at least one more person bought a milkshake today. 
  • Keaton and I went to the pregnancy center today. We bagged diapers pretty much the entire time. The diapers were super empty, and it is always my goal to fill those baskets to the brim with diapers. Keaton tries to convince me to not do too many, but I just keep bagging more.
  • While we were gone this afternoon, Robby took Campbell to the orthodontist. She had a wire that was bothering her so they were able to fix that so she should be good for a little bit. That wire had been digging into her check for a good while-she has mentioned it a few times, but I would always asked if it hurt and if we needed to go for an appointment, but she would say no. 
  • Once we all made it back home this evening, Reagan was soon leaving again for her Dgroup. I tried to figure out supper-when school does begin I do want to be more intentional with our meal planning. Robby and I have been saying that for about 20 years now, but we still can't manage to do that well.
  • Shannon and then Tony came over for a little bit tonight. The boys are on their xboxes playing with their buddies-they just seem to play with people and get loud at bedtime. They are loud right now so it must be time for bed!

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