July 1, 2022-Dennie Family Trip 2022

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We did sleep wonderfully well last night. Robby and I were the first ones to stir and tried to stay quite so the others could sleep. We eventually did sneak off for a walk with Bentley who had left our bed at 7. Robby went to check on her after she left our bed and came back to report that she was laying on Graham's bed and he was laying on the floor. Everyone was sleeping so he didn't do anything about it.

We took Bentley on a walk around the campground which is surrounded by a lake. We did decide that this place is very similar to Lake Maumelle. Unfortunately, our campsite isn't the best-we have a small pad for the camper, a bit of mud and picnic table a bit out of the way. Not all of the sites are like this one though. However, that is all fine because we were at the campground longer today than we ever will be.

This place is surprisingly big actually. Robby and I walked and walked this morning. Some sites were right on the lake and had a super cool breeze floating in. When we came back, people were starting to stir. People had breakfast-not a "fancy" camping breakfast, but just poptarts, granola bars and cereal. 

There was another walk, but this time Campbell joined us. There is a swimming beach here that is closed. We wondered why it was closed, but it isn't just closed it is deserted and abandoned. When we returned from our walk, Anderson and Graham were outside and came to meet us.

Then Graham, Campbell, Keaton, Whitman and I played a card game outside on the picnic table. There was some debate about who the winner was-Graham did keep the score and was pretty sure that Whitman won, but Campbell disagreed. Either way, half of the people didn't understand the game until we were halfway through so we will have to play again.

By this time, it was nearly 1 so we worked on our lunches. Afterwards, we soon headed to Les' house to officially begin the Dennie family trip. Grannymom and Grandpa were already there. Some of the kids swam. It was pretty hot, and I kind of wished that I would have brought my bathing suit because the water was not super cold at all. 

Now the Dennie family trip is always a highlight, but this year it will definitely be a highlight for Bentley. She loved hanging out in Les' backyard with Delta and Layla. She ran and played and had so much fun. Tonight when we went to the ballgame, we had her kennel with us so she just stayed at their house in her kennel.

Dana and her crew arrived in time to swim some before supper. Then the bbq was heated up, and we ate bbq and delicious baked beans. My mom can make great baked beans, but that is something that I just can not figure out how to do. These today were really good-I guess my calling is not making baked beans, but possibly making something else. Maybe I will someday figure out what that something else is.

After supper, Robby and I went to see Les' new lot along with a house that will be similar to their new one. Don't tell, but it sure made me want a new house. We have a few other things to buy before a new house-in order: car, car, glasses, college, braces, college, car, braces, college, college, car, college, college. That order probably isn't exactly correct, and honestly, I am not too sure why I threw in the glasses since those aren't really that expensive. I have one child now that probably really needs glasses, but since they have braces I am going to let them wait-I don't want the teenage years to be too traumatic!

Then it was time to head downtown to the Redbirds baseball game. We parked right nearby at a parking garage so we really only had to walk about 2 blocks to the game. Our seats were pretty good-plus they were in the shade which was wonderful! There was even a very occasional breeze which was nice when it happened.

The Redbirds lost, but Whitman was rooting for the other team. He did even call the Hogs a time or two even though he usually doesn't root for the teams we are cheering for. Campbell managed to snag a baseball tonight while they were hanging out near the third base area.

Robby bought the whole crew frozen lemonade. It was a treat for sure, but it was still pretty warm this evening. Since we did eat early, Reagan and Graham had to have themselves a pretzel-I wanted to have a bite of theirs since it looked so good, but since they split it, they also devoured it.

After the game, they had fireworks on the field, and goodness they fireworks were long. I could almost say that they were Osborne like or even Disney like for sure. They just kept going on and on and on. Also since they were being shot from the field, you were able to see them going off-I don't think that I have ever seen fireworks shooting off like that since they are usually far away or behind something.

It took us a bit to get back to Les' house to pick up Bentley. She wasn't ready to go and wanted to stay and play with her new friends, but we had a drive back to the campground. We made it back and folks had a snack and drinks before changing for bed. Robby had a shower, and I am next. Then it will be lights out.

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