July 22, 2022

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  • Today seems to have been a bit busier than the past few days. I had to take Bentley on her morning walk solo because Robby had real work to do. He usually can squeeze it in while keping up with things, but today he had a meeting so it was just the dog and me.
  • When I did get back, some people started waking up. In the mornings it really doesn't seem to take too long until it is 11, and I'm having to start waking people up.
  • Our summer school doesn't take Whitman too long to do-well, he does take a 25 minute breeak after completing two things. Keaton and Campbell both zoomed through their school work as well. Reagan and the big boys aren't really zoomers through their work, but they did get it done-eventually.
  • We took the three littles to the pool this afternoon. Quite a few of our friends were there so it was certainly a happening place. Campbell, Keaton and Whitman had a great time plus I do think that they ended up a little sunburned.
  • We were home for just a little bit when it was time to leave again this time with Anderson, Graham and Campbell for Rock Creek. They had a cookout and games tonight. The kids all had a good time-there was lots of basketball and football playing. Anderson said that he was so busy playing that by the time that it was time to eat he was a little too hot to eat.
  • Robby did pick them up Sonic on the way home, so everyone cooled off with their drinks. While he went to pick them up, he had dropped me off at the house. We went to eat Chinese and then did some shopping. The trunk of the car was so full that he had to switch cars when he did drop me off since we had so little time before he had to leave to pick them up.
  • Campbell has a friend spending the night tonight so they have already migrated to the bonus room. Anderson is eating some of my leftover Chinese, Whitman just finished his ice cream. Reagan is trying to convince us to make brownies (it is 10), Keaton is wandering around the house while letting her ipad charge so she can play it tonight, Graham is in the shower and Robby just finished putting a new floor fan in the boys room (it get so hot in there during the day!)
  • Tomorrow we might have a slower day-or maybe not!

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