June 30, 2022-Dennie Family Trip 2022

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The winter of 2012 there was a huge ice storm in Little Rock. leaving us with no power. Robby was able to buy a generator and have it shipped overnight to save the day. Today was similar-the camper potty! We watched it ship from Illinois and when Robby woke up it was in Memphis. We crossed our fingers that it would make it today, and I was walking by the window when the FedEx truck pulled into the driveway.

It didn't take Robby long to get it out of the box. He had done everything he could to be ready to stick it into place-he was just hoping that he didn't have to put it together. Thankfully, it was only in a few pieces so he had it installed and working in no time.

This meant that our trip could begin a little bit less stressed. If the potty hadn't arrived, Robby was going to try to just make the old one work with the new pieces that he had ordered though they wouldn't be exactly right, or we would just have to get a hotel room. Thankfully, the potty is in working condition and all is well. 

Actually, things are mostly well. Robby is having some problems hooking up right now. He keeps blowing a fuse on the outside box. It is 12:30, and this was his third time to go outside. This time he did switch some cords around so hopefully that solves it. 

Robby and I were the first ones awake at our house. I tried to stay in bed as long as I could-there wasn't much to do today, but I knew that I would stay busy. And no, housekeeping was no where on my list. I guess I have given that up. What I need is a party or something to take place at our house so I feel compelled to clean things up a little bit. 

As things are going right now, people are only home a day or two or sometimes just a few hours before they leave again so no one really seems to notice how the house needs a good scrubbing. For example, Robby figures that he has slept in the camper 33 nights out of the last 50. (And just to be clear-when he has slept in the camper, it is because he has been gone, not because I kicked him out of the house). My plan is actually to get to work on cleaning the house next week while some of the kiddos are at Beach Camp.

I did of course do the laundry and dishes. Those things are non-negotiable. Campbell was the busiest kid today-she made puppy chow, helped Robby with the rice krispy treats and had to pack herself. We actually wanted her to wash Bentley, but we forgot to ask. She isn't that bad-and I have some dry doggy shampoo that I may use on her tomorrow. I have never had dry shampoo-wonder if it would work on me?

Quite a bit of my day was spent tracking Reagan and Anderson on their way home from New Orleans and Graham while he was on his way home from St. Louis. Seeing all my babies get closer to home sure did make me happy. By this afternoon, everything at home was ready to go, and we were just sitting on go.

The kids were supposed to arrive at the church around 4:30, but it was closer to 5. They were all full of stories when they came home. They all had a wonderful time-Anderson even said that he enjoyed the mission trip more than the church camp. Everyone agreed that they worked lots more than last year (It was the running joke that the kids did more than the youth last year.) Both trips really seemed to push my kids out of their comfort zones-talking to and praying with people, and they all loved it.

We picked up supper on the way home, but as soon as we walked into the house, bags were unzipped and clothes were thrown into the washer. It took both washers to wash all of their clothes. I had wanted to wash their blankets and sleeping bags as well, but that would have been another 2 hours. I did put them all in the dryers while waiting on the other loads to go into the dryer. 

Our goal was the leave at 8, but it was about 11 minutes after. That was fine, and really everything was fine until we hit construction traffic which slowed us down by about 20 or 30 minutes. We didn't stop on the way here-Graham was the only one who slept and Reagan had slept while the clothes washed at home. 

Getting to the campground did seem to take forever. I know getting someplace in the dark does make everything seem sketchier too. Robby already knew that we were going to unhook the car at the bathhouse. That went well,

Then we just had a bit of a drive to our campsite. It was super dark backing in, but he did just fine. This site is pretty narrow-Robby and Campbell have already stepped in mud which makes us think maybe it has rained her recently. 

Campbell was wise enough to think of going to the bathhouse to wash her shoe/foot. Keaton walked with her (Anderson, Robby, Bentley and I were all outside as well). Bentley had a fit when they left so I took her that direction when they didn't come. Keaton said she didn't like this place because it is sketchy-I reminded her that it is just dark. This is a corp of engineers site so it is probably comparable to Maumelle Park-well, we shall see in the daylight tomorrow.

People were working on beds and brushing teeth as soon as Robby had hooked up tonight. Keaton was asleep in no time at all. Hopefully, everyone can sleep a good bit in the morning and catch up on some rest.

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