July 7, 2022

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  • Reagan again left early in the morning. She met some kids, and they went to a local laundromat to pay for people's laundry and pray for them. Then she headed on to meet the rest of the youth group for lunch at U. S. Pizza followed by snocones for dessert.
  • She was out the door way before Keaton and Whitman woke up this morning. I think that my little people might just have their days and nights mixed up for sure. That's fine though since it is summer time.
  • I do love summertime, but I am really anxious to get back into the routine of school. This summer stuff is tough-no one is home, running to the pool all the time, always packing for a trip, late nights, and it is hot!-I really just like the routine of school time.
  • Yesterday I was a bit more productive, but I did manage to work on the girls' closet for a little bit today along with some work in the bathrooms and organizing one cabinet in the kitchen.
  • This afternoon Robby took Whitman and Keaton to the pool for a few hours. When they left the pool, they brought home one of Keaton's friends for a little bit and stopped to get icees and some groceries at Sams on the way home.
  • I went to the pregnancy center this afternoon. It was crazy busy there with lots to do. On my way home, I did stop by Crumble cookie because they had cornbread cookies this week which are the Dennie favorite. Though when I was getting my cookie, I had to wait on the s'mores cookie. Since it was hot, I thought that I should try it as soon as I sat down in the car. It was delicious-and really I told Robby that I had to leave the parking lot in a hurry so I didn't go back in and buy some more of those.
  • We made pizzas at home for supper and as soon as it cooled off some, Robby and I took Bentley on a walk. Then we ran Keaton's friend home and stayed and chatted for a little bit before coming home. 
  • It was late when we came home, but Whitman still had ice cream and Reagan made a smoothie. Right now it was past bedtime, but we are watching our second episode of America Says.
  • Rock Creeker Update: Today was their last full day at camp. They had pictures on the beach this evening-Shannon sent me pictures of the kids in their groups, along with a family picture of my 3 and another family picture with Brett in it too. 
  • Graham did hurt his hand yesterday. On the Instagram live today, we think that he said that someone fell on his arm during basketball. Shannon said that the nurse wrapped it and kept him doped up on ibuprofren. She also said that she offered to call me for him, but he said he was fine. And when she was reporting all of this to me, he was outside playing 4 square so I guess he is just fine. 
  • They get home tomorrow, and I think that this crew here is pretty excited about everyone being back home. 

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