July 28, 2022

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  • Once again Graham was the first one out the door this morning. He headed off with Nonna and Pops to finish his birthday shopping. The went to a few stores and found Graham 2 new shirts.
  • He was home in no time at all. While he was out and about, Bentley had her morning walk, and Campbell, Keaton and Whitman did their school. 
  • We have been trying to do school each day this week, but somehow my big people keep managing to "forget" or somehow they are gone for the majority of the day. Graham said that I didn't remind him today so that was his reasoning. 
  • And honestly, I am letting it slide because in a week and a half school all starts for real and there is no forgetting or not being reminded. I guess that really means that tomorrow is my last day off for a while. I have truly enjoyed our summer, but oh I long for routine-even though it takes us a good few months before we can get back into a smooth routine.
  • Anderson and I left for an appointment at the podiatrist today. He had two ingrown toenails that just have not healed. He was not looking forward to going to the doctor but we had waited long enough. The guy was excellent-chit chat, shot shot, cut cut and done. 
  • Anderson's eyes were pretty big when he did get the shots, but after that he said nothing hurt at all. His toes are super bandaged up so we can't tell how nasty they look until in the morning. Aftewards, I did take him to Sonic before going to the library.
  • Now, our ride home was with some adventure. The other day the windshield wiper looked odd so Robby worked on it. Apparently, he didn't work on it too well-after the first swish that thing fell off.
  • I stopped and tried to fix it in the rain, but was unsuccessful. Now, Anderson would have helped but he already had his shoes and socks off since the bandages were so large.
  • I wasn't successful so we just drove on without windshield wipers. I do believe that this kind of panicked Anderson a bit. However, we survived! 
  • While we were gone, Reagan met Kennedy and her mom and they did some shopping around the city. They even ate at Chuys and then managed to go to Sonic.
  • This evening we went to the pool-on the way there we picked up our food from Chilis. It was made wrong, so as Robby waited for them to correct our order, I ran to Target to pick up an order for Keaton (new sheets-hers have a whole).
  • Then we picked Robby back up and the boney wings had been correctly replaced wtih boneless wings so we were all happy. We ate at the pool and the kids enjoyed swimming for a few hours with their friends before coming home.

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