July 12, 2022

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  • Well, this was an incredibly slow day around here. I am sure thankful for it, but really there isn't much at all to blog about.
  • Let's see, I woke up and did all of the normal things. The kids that were here slept most of the morning long. Actually, I didn't see any of them until at least 11. Robby and I walked Bentley before it was too hot outside.
  • My main goal today was to read most of my book. I did more than that-I finished it and even inspired Robby to do some reading on his some of his books that are stacking up on his table. 
  • I also made time to watch a movie that I have borrowed and have been meaning to watch since Christmas time. Then I even watched a few episodes of a tv series that I am trying to finish. 
  • So yep, I did nothing of much worth today, but it was a good day nonetheless. This evening Reagan, Anderson and Graham all went with us to see Top Gun Maverick. I remembered a bit of it, but there were parts that I didn't remember. The last few years since Covid often seem like a decade and not just a few years.
  • Once we came home, I turned back on the tv show I am working on and tried to watch that while playing fetch with Bentley. 
  • I haven't seen too many pictures of the campers-there were pictures of Campbell in her photography class. Keaton was in a few pictures as well, and we even heard that her group made it into the talent show which happened at 9 tonight. Whitman looks like he is having fun-he is wearing a new shirt and it is turned the right way. What more could I ask for?

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