July 8, 2022

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  • This happened yesterday, but I didn't discuss it on the blog. I was cleaning out the sink so we could wash out Keaton's sweatshirt from the tie dye. The sink was really rather cleanish so mainly I was just making sure that the dye from Whitman's shirt was gone. However, I did notice one little thing in the sink strainer. I looked closer, and it was a tooth.
  • Who's tooth you ask? Not a clue. Keaton had lost a tooth the night before, but she swore up and down that it was not hers. Indeed, that was not her tooth since hers was upstairs, and she showed me. It was too small to be Bentley's tooth, and I don't know why she would have lost a tooth in the sink. I even checked Whitman's mouth, but he had all of his teeth. So anyway, if you are missing a tooth, it's here.
  • Our first activity this morning was to walk Bentley, and then all head to the library used book sale. This had been on my list for a good long while. Robby stayed in the car and worked while we went in. It was overwhelming, but super organized. Reagan found herself 3 books, Whitman found 1, and I found one for school next year. Keaton never found a book, but gracious there were a ton of books. I could have stayed for a good while longer looking at all of the things.
  • We stopped at Sams and Walmart on the way home. We ate our lunch at Sams, and then did some snack shopping for next week's camp. This will be the last camp for the Dennie crew. We began camps the first full week of July with Camp Geyer. This was followed with Collide and then Cooking Camp/Omaha trips. Impact and Plant trips were the next week bringing us to last week with Beach Camp. After Joyworks and Praiseworks we will have completed 6 straight weeks of camp around here. (And yes, our camp budget has been out of control this year-it is not just the camps you pay for, but meals coming and going, and snacks and clothes, and gracious me!)
  • So we started packing for the Keaton and Whitman's JoyWorks camp this afternoon. It took a good little bit to get everything organized and packed. Poor Whitman did have to try on about 8 pairs of jeans since everyone has to wear jeans on one of the days. He found some that buttoned, but they had to be rushed to Grannymom to hem.
  • After packing, Keaton made Whitman make some cookies. I don't think that she did a thing-she only instructed him on what to do. We kept hearing conversations like "I will burn myself." "No, you wont." No, one was burned in the making of the cookies thankfully.
  • Whitman had a birthday party tonight for Eli and Ryan. It was at Raymar and was a water party. Whitman said that his favorite part was the foam machine. 
  • As soon as we dropped him off at the party, Keaton, Robby and I went to eat. There was one restaurant in Benton that we thought we would try-we didn't even know the name of it. However, when I went in, the lady asked me if I had reservations-umm, no. So we will have to return there-maybe for a birthday or anniversary. We ended up eating a Baja Taco. It was good-Robby had them take the slaw off of ours so we think that they also left off some sauce so it was maybe not as good as it should have been. 
  • From there, we hurried home so I could drop Robby off so he could be home when Whitman arrived back from his party. Keaton and I then dropped off Whitman's jeans at Grannymom's house before going to pick up the Rock Creekers.
  • Rock Creeker Update: The kids arrived just 45 minutes late to Rock Creek, and they had a blast. Everyone talked/shouted the entire way home telling me about all of the things from the week. They were all glad to be home, but they loved every minute of it. 
  • Here are their camp rankings (I made them rank everything even though each one is really completely different): Campbell-1. Collide 2. Beach Camp 3. Impact. Graham-1. Plant 2. Collide 3. Beach Camp. Anderson-1. Plant 2. Beach Camp 3. Collide. 
  • When we made it home, it was laundry time. Currently there are 2 loads in the washer with at least 3 more waiting for tomorrow. Now I need to get the campers in the showers and off of their devices that they have been missing all week long.
  • Reagan was the last one in the house tonight. She had worked at church tonight doing childcare and then ate at ChickFilA. I will rest better tonight-all my babies are back under one roof at least for the next 3 nights.

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