July 23, 2022

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  • Robby and I had big plans to go to a bakery early this morning and buy cinnamon rolls for the familiy. At 10 this morning when we were just still lying in the bed, we decided that we should probably give up the idea of them having any cinnamon rolls left.
  • We eventually did leave the house with Keaton and picked up one of her friends. Then we went to the bakery. We were able to snag the last 6 pack of cinnamon rolls along with 4 cupcakes, 1 cookie sandwich, and 1 oatmeal creme pie.
  • We sat down at ate 2 cupcakes while we were there-we split a snickerdoodle cupcake along with a cookie dough cupcake. The snickerdoodle cupcake was definitly my favorite because the other one was so incredibly sweet. Keaton and Sophia ate about half of their cookie sandwhich before they finally had to stop eating theirs.
  • Once we were home, Robby stirred the boys and headed out with Anderson and Graham. They went to get haircuts for both boys along with a new bike for Anderson. His brakes on his bike haven't been working the best. We have tried to fix them but have been unable to so a new bike it was.
  • Reagan had already been to see a friend at her work this morning and was back by the time that I was leaving again with everyone else. So she joined me, Whitman, Keaton and Sophia and Campbell and her friend as we went to the pool.
  • We just stayed 2 hours which was plenty for me. I did have to get in the water so I could stay cool while reading my book. I was able to read a little bit and then during the break, everyone had packed something to eat so that was our lunch.
  • On the way home, we dropped Campbell's friend off so when we did arrive home, she had to work on cleaning the bonus room. Then we weren't all home for too long when Robby and I turned around and left again. 
  • This time we headed to Grannymom's house to pick up some groceries. We were there for a bit before running to Sams to get a few more items. We unloaded the back of the car when we came home and even arrived with pizza for everyone's supper. 
  • While Robby and I were gone, Reagan took all of the girls to Target. They walked around a little bit-bought some candy and bought a new collar for Bentley. They made it home about the same time that we arrived back with the pizza.
  • Robby and I then went to work on straightening up the garage. We weren't out there too long when Reagan came down with phone problems. Robby ended up having to call the people, but it was soon all resolved. I possibly think that was just all just a ploy for me to have to work on the garage by myself.
  • As the kids cycled through the last of their showers, Robby and I headed to the Wilson's house for a few minutes. We went over there and Brett came over here. We chatted the whole time, but the kids did some poker playing with their chatting. 
  • When we did come home, Keaton and Sophia were working on making cotton candy for everyone. That is what they are finishing up right now, so their next plan is a movie while my next plan is tucking everyone into their beds.

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