July 30, 2022

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  • It was nearly 11 when I made it home with doughnuts this morning, but Whitman was still the only one out of his room. Graham was awake, and since he heard me in the kitchen he did come down.
  • Robby and I left to get gas in the campe and the white van. He filled up at Kroger, but because we were trying to save some points, I ended up having to get gas at costco.
  • Then I went to the dougnut place, and let's talk about that for a minute. Does anyone want to open a dougnut place with me? Seriously, that place was so completely packed If I did work in a dougnut place, I am fairly sure that I would never eat one again which might be a good thing.
  • Robby beat me home since he didn't have to deal wtih the dougnut crazies, so he started on the mowing. He was in a race all morning long to beat the rain. He just barely did, but he was driving the mower like he was in the Indy 500.
  • I was busy all the day again today, but really I am not sure what all I did accomplish. Most everything is packed and ready to go, but there is still a list of things that must be done tomorrow. I probably could do a bit of them tonight, but my chair and blanket is so perfeclty cozy.
  • Reagan left with Kennedy this afternoon to go to a friend's house. They also ate Mexican along with Menchies. So they definitely had a great time.
  • Keaton and Campbell washed Bentley today. She was well overdue for a bath so she definitely smells much better. I wish that I could say that she acts much better!
  • Robby, Keaton and I went to the store this evening-there were a few last minute things that we had to pick up-shorts for Graham, candy for the people, and cheese sticks-the necessities. We even bought a few more things that the necessities.
  • Once we made it home, Robby cooked some pizzas, Keaton baked some brownies and I scooped some ice cream. Currently, we are watching rv videos currled up in our chairs!

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