July 3, 2022

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  • Last night when I was trying to get everyone in bed quickly, I told the boys "if we go to church tomorrow, then I will wake you up in time to take a shower." Anderson looked at me like I had lost my mind, and Graham said, "if?" 
  • Before that point Robby and I weren't too sure if we were going to church in the morning or not since it was after 2 at this point. However, I took the boys' response to mean that they certainly wanted to go to church so to church we went.
  • It was a little hard for me to keep my eyes open during the sermon. However, this isn't too uncommon for me. Robby and I do stay up late at least once every few weeks, so we were fine this morning, and the two naps that we had today did help.
  • Waking the kids up proved to be a bit more challenging. Robby was able to get Whitman back to her bed, where I think that he fell back asleep. Keaton jumped in the upstairs shower and Graham in the downstairs shower. That left Anderson in the bonus room shower, but I had to wake him up a few times. 
  • Campbell had a cute dress on this morning, but took it off to wear her mission trip shirt like everyone else. Graham and Anderson changed shirts yesterday when they were matching, but today they had to wear the same ones along with Reagan who was also matching them.
  • After Sunday school, we went to Walmart to get somethings for the kids' trip. They really just needed snacks-and snacks we bought. Campbell kind of had a budget, but the boys didn't seem like they heard me today when I gave them the budget. 
  • Campbell even ended up putting things in the cart which I did give her a pass since she is one who is going on the trip. But when Reagan started adding candy, I had to question it. She told me that she needed a treat and was going to split it with Keaton and Whitman. How could I say no to that? 
  • Robby and Whitman had picked up pizza while the rest of us were in the store. We all devoured the pizza as soon as we got home. Then I started packing the kids, but Robby suggested that we take a quick nap first.
  • Of course, that was something that I certainly agreed to. When I did get up, Campbell already had her bag downstairs. We did add something to it, and it was incredibly neatly packed. I was proud. The boys packed quickly next. I folded all of Graham's stuff to put in his bag. Anderson needs a larger duffel bag to pack in, but we made it work. 
  • Then there was supper on your own and eventually tonight, a few fireworks at the Heltz house. Robby did have to leave to take Anderson, Campbell, Graham and Brett to Rock Creek so they could leave on their beach camp trip. They are driving through the night which kind of makes me a bit nervous, but it will all be fine. 
  • Robby returned into time to see a few fireworks go off. The kids enjoyed playing and holding the sparklers. Some how though, I ended up with 4 of Keaton's friends to sleep over tonight. Reagan had Alyssa come over as well. 
  • The big girls are having a blast-I think. They have planned the movie for the girls and are even voluntarily sleeping in the bonus room. Reagan said that the little girls had made spots for them on the couch. I told her that those girls were going to always remember when the big kids spent the night with them.
  • We didn't get back to the house until almost 11. It is midnight right now, and I think that they just started the movie. That's fine with me though because I am about to take my shower and go to bed.

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