July 11, 2022

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  • This morning was an early morning since Whitman, Keaton and Campbell had to head off to music camp this morning. I think that they were all pretty excited about it. When we arrived, we loaded their stuff on the trailer. Then we found the list of roommates-Keaton is with all of her buddies. Campbell is with the person that she wanted to be with. And there were only 3 other boys in the younger camp so they are all with Whitman. They are all 5th and 6th graders, and I think that they will be so great keeping up with Whitman.
  • I hung out and waited until everyone climbed on the bus. So far during the day, I have seen a few pictures from camp-Whitman hasn't shown up on any pictures yet. I have been able to see Campbell and Keaton and can tell that they are having fun with their friends.
  • I dropped by the library on the way home. My goal is to finish 1 of my 4 books this week, and I was able to get a good start today. I worked on a few chores for a bit, and then left with Robby to go and get my covid booster. I had been putting it off for as long as I could, but since I've got that cruise on my mind, I want to be ready for that.
  • We did a bit of running around afterwards-though we didn't even spend any money-well, just 6 dollars on pants for Graham. I watched one of my movies and read some before doing a few more things around the house.
  • Since it is pretty quiet in this house without the littles, I even took a nap today. The bigs did their little bit of school this afternoon. Two of the three did find the easy way out of school which means they are leaving some harder things for tomorrow.
  • We had spaghetti for supper-leftovers. Now we have settled in and watching Top Gun to review it a bit. In February of 2019, Robby, Anderson and I were able to watch Top Gun 2 at a secret showing. It was super neat to see, but Covid caused it to just now be released so much later than planned. We are going to have to go and see it since it has been so long since we did see it.
  • After the movie, the plan is to take Bentley on a walk and possibly even read some more.

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