July 10, 2022

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  • This morning as we were getting ready for church, we realized that we would need to leave earlier than normal-both services were together plus one friend that sits nearby had family in town. That meant, we loaded up and left a few minutes early plus when we saw friend and her family in the parking lot, we waved and scurried on past them to our seats. 
  • Thankfully, there was room enough for all of us-Campbell and Anderson even went off to sit with their friends. After Sunday school, Keaton's little group had talent show practice so we were a few minutes late getting to Nonna and Pop's house for lunch.
  • Nonna and Pops had ham and cheese croissants for lunch today which was delicious. Afterwards, we ate brownies and sat around and chatted for a bit before heading home.
  • Once we were home, Robby and Campbell changed clothes and headed out to the grocery store. Robby bought a few good deals along with some things for supper tonight. Campbell bought some snacks for her camp.
  • While they were gone, I had intentions of taking a nap. However, mostly I just played with Bentley who wanted me to throw her toy over and over and over again. Soon Campbell and Robby were home, and I helped unload the groceries before people started leaving.
  • Reagan left first to go to a movie with her friends in Benton. Then the big boys and Campbell left to go to Rock Creek for church. That just left Keaton and Whitman here. It didn't take Keaton long at all to decide that she was so bored that she could die-it had only been about 30 minutes of just her and Whitman here.
  • Soon Robby and I scurried around making supper for this evening. It was so good to get back into the swing of our weekly suppers with the Wilsons. When they arrived, Shannon and I left to pick up my kids. 
  • We ate spaghetti for supper and as we had finished, Reagan came home from her outing. Then there was ice cream and brownies which were made by Keaton. We watched the video from the kids' beach camp while the dogs played in the living room.
  • When the Wilsons left, Robby took Bentley on a really quick walk while I straightened up the kitchen. We had a few more kids to cycle through the showers then Robby and I finished one you tube show before herding the kids towards bed.

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