July 14, 2022

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  • The morning started off normally-I slept in a bit, and even when I woke up Bentley just laid in the bed a little bit longer before she climbed out of the bed. Reagan, Anderson and Graham weren't up for a long time after I woke up.
  • A good bit of the morning was spent with Bentley-I brushed her as I do every day (and I can not describe the hair that comes off of her every single time.) Then I went to town giving her a little trim. I occasionally trim the girls's hair, but that is pretty stressful for me. I don't mind cutting the mess out of Bentley's hair because she is a dog after all! Then Robby and I took her on a walk around the block (and I don't think that I have ever sweated more than I did today while we were on our short little mile walk.)
  • Soon after we returned home from our walk, Robby did get the news that camper was ready. That meant we had a few decisions to make-when to get the camper? when to get the car? do we go someplace on the way? 
  • We decided that anywhere really is too hot. The beach was an option but it would be in a few weeks at least, and we wanted the things all home. Tomorrow wasn't an option really to pick up the camper so today it was.
  • Robby, Bentley and I headed out in the early afternoon. We first picked up the camper-The Cummins people are definitely on Robby's good list. The camper was done before they had told him plus he was charged what they estimated. Now, it sure wasn't cheap, but it was done on time!
  • We dropped my car off at a gas station nearby, and then headed on towards Memphis. We did have to stop to get a little bit of gas at Kroger. Robby just got a little bit since our discount wasn't that great. I ran in to buy a gift card for supper and some candy to keep him awake on the way home tonight. Of course my candy was part of the buy 5 deal so I then had to run around the store doing some shopping to find 5 items that were on the sale,
  • Since tomorrow is our 22nd anniversary, we decided that we would go out fancy at the Cheesecake Factory. It started off well with us not having to wait at all to be seated. Then they brought us bread-I had forgotten that we would get bread. That was delicious and fun.
  • Then we waited and waited for our food. The water did come to us and say that they were cooking the white rice with mine. It would be 15 more minutes so I could wait or get another side. Well, my meal was orange chicken. That's like Chinese food-you eat it with rice not mashed potatoes. Robby said we would waid.
  • And wait we did. Then the manager came and said that the rice wasn't quite ready yet. She again offered me brown rice or another side. By now, it had been 45 minutes since we had sat down so them cooking me another meal wasn't really an option. And again, I didn't want brown rice or another side, but somehow and for some reason I blurted out, "I'll take brown rice if my meal is on the house." 
  • She politely agreed, and our meals were soon served. Now, I don't know where those words ever came from. I have never asked for anything like that at all. Afterwards, I had to ask Robby to make sure that I wasn't rude. He assured me that I wasn't. But look how bold I was! 
  • So my orange chicken was good, but it really needed some sauce. Like who would eat brown rice or even white rice with no sauce on it-nothing. Robby even thought that just my chicken was dry. I had been so looking forward to that meal.
  • Robby's looked good, but he put salt and pepper on all of it. That is probably not odd for most people, but Robby doesn't put salt and pepper on his food, so that is definitely a statement of how it tasted. 
  • We then questioned if he had covid and couldn't taste. However, the cheesecake that we had later tasted just find to him so all is well! After paying, we drove to Les' house to pick up the dolly and car. It didn't take any time at all to hook everything up and be on our way.
  • Oh, when we did get out of the camper at Les' house, I let Bentley out to potty. That dog pulled me to their back yard area. She was ready to see her cousin Delta. So Shelley did let Delta out and the dogs were able to play for a few minutes before we loaded back up. I am afraid that Bentley may think that we have driven all of this way for her to play with Delta for a few minutes.
  • It is currently 10:15 and we are on track to pick up the car by 11:15 and be home by midnight.
  • The kids at home: the slept most of the morning. I hope that some of them did some of their school this afternoon, but I am not holding my breath at all! They left a bit early to meet their friends to do a bit of prayer walking around the neighborhood near Raymar.
  • Then they met up with all of the people for some ultimate frisbee. I am sure that it was hot, but I know that they had a blast. Then they had a second supper (we had supper set out for them-air fryer pizzas) at ChickFilA-these children of mine need to get some jobs to pay for their summer activities!
  • The campers: I think they are having a great time. I did talk to Traci tonight, and she did tell me that everyone hates choir. They are doing a lot of singing. However, they are loving all of their other tracks. I did see that Keaton and Whitman were able to do a little guitar playing today. I haven't seen any pictures of Campbell today yet, but I know that she is having a blast too. We picked them up tomorrow, and I am ready to have all of my people home for a while!

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