July 2, 2022-Dennie Family Trip 2022

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I think that we all slept pretty well last night. When Robby was ready, he took Bentley for a walk this morning which left me with the job of making sure that everyone was awake and getting dressed for our family breakfast at the Arcade in Memphis.

When he returned, I had completed my assignment, but I was already laying back down because that job wasn't easy at all. Everyone was soon ready to go, and we happily hopped in the car to meet everyone else We were doing well on our time and would be on time if not early.

I don't think that I mentioned last night as we were driving back to the campground, the girls, who were sitting in the backseat, all heard a sound. They mentioned it and seconds later it sounded like something fell out off the car. 

By the time that we arrived at Les' house, we were convinced that it was the hubcap; however, that wasn't it since the hubcap was still there. I believe that we didn't really hear anything else on our drive back to the campground last night and just kind of forgot about it.

Today, though, we were barely out of the campground when there was a noise again. Robby pulled over and rolled around on the ground looking and feeling around the wheel. Everything looked fine. About 10 miles later though we knew everything was not fine at all. 

There were more sounds-sometimes it was a klunk, sometimes it sounded plasticy, sometimes it was a thud and sometimes it was metaly. Robby decided to head to Walmart, but when there was another loud kerplunk, we really though we had a flat. We pulled into a gas station, and again there was nothing.

It stopped a bit, but then he did back up and that didn't sound good at all. Then he drove around with me standing outside, and the sound was gone again. So we just crossed our fingers and headed on towards Memphis. 

By this time, we were the last ones to arrive at the Arcade-and we were probably a pretty stressed out group! The tire didn't make too much noise on the way there, but we just didn't know what was going to happen. We walked in and found everyone else. There was a table for my crew, and we all sat down. Robby sat by Les and Grandpa for a minute, and then turned to tell me that he was taking the car somewhere. 

Les had told him where to go, and we diligently tracked him until he made it back to Hernando to the car place. Our meals were good and massive. I think that everyone really enjoyed their breakfasts-Reagan and I probably could have split ours, but I think we were both thinking that we would just save our leftovers for Robby. 

Dana and her crew headed to Graceland to see Elvis. And now with our car gone, that left 7 of us stranded downtown. Not really too stranded since Josh and his carload took Les back to their house to pick up his car so between his car and Shelley's they would have room for us.

While he was gone on that journey, we all finished eating and then walked through the bookstore next door. Then we crossed the street to go to the Amtrak hotel and station. That place was pretty swanky. Grandpa stayed there while Shelley, Grannymom, the kids and I walked to the farmer's market on the next block.

I really enjoy farmer's markets though I do never buy anything. We had time to kill so while Shelley drove Grannymom, Grandpa and Campbell to the Peabody, the rest of us walked. It was almost a mile to walk, but we were able to see the Orpheum and the Motel Lorraine along the way.

Soon we were walking through the parking garage in the Peabody. Surprisingly, we still beat the car riders. Thankfully, Shelley did bring us in waters after our walk. We watched the ducks swim in the fountain and even saw the ducks in training in the duck palace on the roof.

After looking in the gift shop, Les arrived, and we all headed back to Mississippi. We stopped on the way to pick up Robby who had gathered up everything in the car. By that time, he had found out that they suspected the emergency brake was probably breaking. This also mean that it would be later this next week before they could get to is, and it would not be safe to tow.

So the car will have to be dealt with anther day, we first had to get through this day. We then headed back to Les' house. Robby, Reagan, Anderson and I took Les' car to the campground to get Bentley and to get all of our supplies (mainly bathing suits) for the day. The campground is a good 15 miles from Les' house so nothing was really easy about this trip. 

By this time Bentley had been in her kennel around 5 hours which is the longest we really like to leave her. She does fine even with longer, but we just feel bad for her longer than that. She was happy to get in the car because she sure enjoyed Les' house yesterday with Layla and Delta. 

We went back, and the kids immediately started swimming. All of them swam, and most of them will have a sunburn tomorrow! I guess the boys are just getting ready for their beach tans! Soon the desserts were pulled back out along with the bbq from yesterday. 

We swam and ate most of the afternoon. This evening we all headed out again to Memphis to go and eat at Elwood's Shack. The food was good-Robby and I split bbq nachos. Keaton had a chicken taco which looked delicious-it looked good enough that I really regretted not getting one myself.

After supper, we went right on down the road to Jerry's Snowcones. Whitman did get a lemon snowcone which tasted like a cleaning spray-or like dusting spray. Keaton shared hers with him.  I tried to share mine with him which I was already sharing with Reagan, but he disliked mine so much that he spit it out. Reagan and I were sharing an orange dreamsicle that had real ice cream in it-and it was wonderful.

While we were there, it rained a little bit on us making it pretty humid for our family picture. Robby and I have been there before we the kids, but I sure can't find it on the blog so we have no idea when we were there. It must have been within the last 10 years though because both big boys remember it. 

Then it was back to Les' house. And we had a few options. Option 1: Have Les and Shelley both drive us out to the campground tonight, and then us drive back to their house towing the empty tow dolly early in the morning. (The empty dolly bounces around quite a bit so our speed would be slow doing this.) Option 2: Well, we had an option 2 thought out, but I sure don't remember it right now. Option 3: Robby and I take Les' car to the camper to pack up and return to their house with his car on the tow dolly, and then us drive home this evening.

All of that, plus not having the generator making day time driving warm, we opted for the third choice. Anderson came with us and was able to help us out for sure. It took no time at all to pack everything back up. I am sure that neighbors wonder what illegal stuff we are up to since we arrived at midnight and left around 10 another day.

Another factor in all of this is that Campbell, Anderson and Graham all have to leave for camp tomorrow evening. Now, we know they could have gotten home with Grannymom and Grandpa or Pops' would have helped get them if needed. However, that was just hanging over our heads since they have to shop and pack. 

We then towed Les' car back to their house. It was no problem at all, but I was stressed since it wasn't our car. We made it fine, and once we arrived there, the boys all drug the dolly up their driveway so they could keep it until we return for the car.

How and when do we return for the car you ask? Well, who knows. Best case scenario-we take the camper in Tuesday for generator work, and they fix it in a timely manner. The car is fixed soon as well, and we drive the camper back to Hernando to get the car and dolly on our way out of town somewhere. 

We aren't holding our breath that things will happen like that. However, we can easily drive the camper there and back in a day to pick up the car and dolly if we need to. Yes, we could pull the car with the surburban but we don't feel comfortable doing that (a bit more unstable and probably don't need to take that car far from home) so the camper will be the one to return and get the car. 

So all of that leaves me to what is happening right now: It is almost 1, and we are 66 miles from home. The only kid I am for sure about is Graham, and he is sleeping soundly on the couch. Whitman is probably watching his ipad near Reagan who is probably sleeping. Campbell and Keaton are both probably sleeping as well. Anderson, who doesn't sleep in cars and will hopefully sleep in the church bus tomorrow night, is probably on his phone. Robby is drinking a coke, eating gummy bears and listening to church music. Bentley was just laying on Graham's legs and is probably sound asleep as well.

Right now the plan is to go to church-Graham said earlier he hasn't been at all this summer. We shall see how things go tonight and in the morning though. Only 61 miles now to go!

Update: 1:45 and driving down Lawson road. 

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