July 29, 2022-Happy 14th Birthday Graham!

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  • Birthdays around here are always fun and today's was no different. Whitman was the first one awake today with Graham awake soon after. 
  • We didn't get him doughnuts this morning, but that is the plan for tomorrow morning. That might be because most people around here slept until 11 or afterwards.
  • I did spent a good deal of time trying to get ready for next week and the week after. Next week we will be out of town and then the next week that when we get home, full school will start. It just seemed like I spent a lot of time doing really nothing because tomorrow the house still has to be cleaned and the camper still has to be loaded!
  • Robby went out with some work people for lunch. He returned with a load of groceries which was our second of the day-we had received a load of groceries this morning. Both of them ommitted items so I figure we will have to double and triple check our lists.
  • Keaton made a neat scavenger hunt for Graham today. He had to search all over the house and neighborhood for his clues. Of course when they started it, it also started raining. She really did a good job on it.
  • Campbell made Graham a birthday cake this afternoon. She worked on baking or chores or school work all day long with not really much time for anything else. I am not sure when the kids learned to be able to make a whole cake by themselves and clean the kitchen.
  • Early this afternoon we all went to play putt putt in Benton. It was quite a fun time especially since Robby funded a dollar a hole for the winner. Now most holes were tied so we ended up splitting dollars 3, 4 and even 5 ways.
  • The grand winner was Anderson-he won the golf game and he won the most money (3.89). I believe that the birthday boy was 3rd place in golf. Most everyone won 2 dollars or more. Well, not everyone-Whitman did win 70 cents, and since coming up with that much cash was a struggle, I let Robby not pay mine out to me.
  • Then we went to eat at Panda Express. The favorite of my crew is the orange chicken. Most of my kids would also prefer the noodles. However, their noodles are half noodles and half onions. Even Anderson, who only eats noodles, said that he would rather us not get noodles so we bought 2 things of rice instead.
  • You would have thought that we were torchering Graham by lighting a candle in the restaurant today. Anderson and Reagan were about to crawl under the table with embarrassement too. 
  • After supper, we ran into Kroger to buy some ice cream. While we were there, I also bought a lottery ticket. Of course, we knew we wouldn't win, but we had the best time driving home thinking of ways to spend a billion dollars.
  • Anderson did get upset with me that I wouldn't give him 100,000 dollars for a car. I only allotted 30 for all of the new cars. Whitman said he didn't think he really needed anything until he turned 10. Robby did make the kids promise that they wouldn't do drugs if we won the lottery. Then I encouraged them to also not do drugs if we did not win the lottery.
  • The Wilsons came over to help us celebrate one more time tonight. We had good ice cream, delicious cake and lots of candles. This time Graham wasn't too horrified with the candles-I guess since we weren't out in public. 
  • Lots to do around here tommorow so I better try to put these people in bed!

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