July 17, 2022

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  • Sunday morning here and we were having to scurry a bit because Reagan had worship care duty. We did make it just barely on time for her, but that means that we were pretty early for the rest of us. That was fine though because it took the kids a while to find their seats.
  • Most of the time Anderson sits downstairs with his friends. Graham joined them today and sat with the young people too. Campbell and her friends were planning on sitting down front, but none of them showed up so she ended up sitting with some big kids which I don't think that she minded at all. That just left Keaton and Whitman with us.
  • Then Sunday school and afterwards, we headed to Grannymom's house for Sunday lunch. We ate and visited for a little bit before having to leave for our errands. Reagan, Keaton and Campbell went into Walmart, while Anderson and I ran into Sams. 
  • When Robby's phone dinged that Reagan's credit card had been used, he pulled out of his parking spot. This happened just as we were walking on one side to get to the van after finishing our Sam's run, and the others were walking to the van on the other side. It was perfect timing.
  • Once at home, we admired our purchases-well, not really. Campbell finished a gift to give to a friend, and Keaton and I looked at the sand toys that we bought. Keaton asked about switching out her desk in the school room, but I decided that a nap was imminent.
  • All too soon, people started leaving for things-Anderson and Campbell left for Rock Creek and Graham left for his life groups swim party. By this time, my nap was done, and I was ready to do some school room work with Keaton.
  • They had been one more school desk in the attic that she decided that she wanted. So the big brown table that we have had since Gamble is now out, and a desk for Keaton is in the school room. We cleaned and vacuumed everything so the school room does look great-except I have to get rid of that big table now. 
  • After we finished this project, it was time to head to the Wilsons for our Sunday night supper. Reagan volunteered to run and pick up Graham so she did that. Then they returned along with the Rock Creekers just in time for our supper. 
  • We stayed fairly late since tomorrow we are starting a good little bit of school work around here. Though I do believe that Keaton has already finished most of her work for tomorrow already though.

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