July 16, 2022

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  • The activity for Graham and I this morning was meeting some of his people from the youth group at Lowes. We weren't shopping, they met to pray before going to two laundromats in Bryant.
  • He had asked me to stay and help drive people around which was fine. He started at the laundromat that I was at, but then went with the boys to another one. Eventually, the girls, other mother and I met the guys at their spot.
  • The kids were helping people carry their laundry, paying for people's laundry, talking to people, playing with kids and praying with people. It was pretty impressive to watch. I think that Graham really enjoyed it. Afterwards, I helped shuttle the kids and some other adults to ChickFila were we ate a quick lunch before heading to the library.
  • Graham stayed in the car while I ran into the library. School is starting (a little bit more) this next week so even though I have a few books to read, I may not get to them.
  • While I was gone this morning, Robby was the only one productive-he mowed, walked the dog, moved the car dolly, picked up branches, washed our sheets, and made a grocery order. He said that he had only seen a few kids. Everyone was sleeping in a little bit today for sure.
  • Last night we weren't too sure how Keaton was feeling, but turns out she was just exhausted and needed a good night's rest because pretty much as soon as she woke up this morning, she was asking for me to take her shopping.
  • We didn't go shopping this afternoon, but we did early this evening on our way to the pool. Robby and Whitman walked around and found some candy and a few things cheaper than Kroger. Keaton and I went straight to the girls' clothes. She is looking for a wedding outfit, and even though we didn't find anything at Target, we did try something on at least. 
  • Then we went to the pool for about 2 hours before heading home. Once home, we walked Bentley again before finding food for Keaton and Whitman. Right now, we are watching travel videos and eating ice cream-a perfect Saturday night

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