July 11, 2023-All in One (Disney, Beach Camp, Seaside, and Dennie Family Trip)

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Another relaxing day at the beach. We started the morning with breakfast. Dana was in charge of cooking, and she had a time. First the ice maker was leaking everywhere on the floor, and then the oven stopped working. Fans were used to dry the ice maker leak, and breakfast was finished on the grill outside so things were under control.

The repair man actually arrived by the time that we finished breakfast. He said the the oven needed a new element and also said that he would return today to fix the ice maker. He never did, but it all did add a little bit of excitement to the day.

Most folks went to the beach fairly early this morning. I even sat out there for a little while until Whitman came bolting out of the water trying to unhook the boogie board from his arm. The kids down from us had just caught a jelly fish, and I guess when they released it, it found Whitman.

I walked him back up to the house, and while I looked for some meds for him, he took a dip in the pool. I did make him climb out, dry off and sit out for a little bit while the medicine dried some on his arm, but then he jumped back in the pool. The bumps were still kind of there later today, but he said it didn't bother him though I don't think that he will get back in the ocean this trip.

Robby grilled some hot dogs for lunch, and later in the day I made the chicken dip. Basically, we have just eaten all day long, and it has been pretty wonderful. 

I was sitting on the couch this afternoon kind of dozing so I decided to go to my room and take a nap. While I was laying in bed, Keaton came in the room. Then Campbell, then Anderson, Whitman, Reagan, and Keaton again. I also text or received texts from about 8 different people (over half of those being my children). So when I did get out of the bed about 2 hours later, I had slept for about 10 minutes! Ha! 

Graham didn't text or come in my room during my nap because he was out at the ocean getting fried! Seriously, he usually swims with his shirt on, but he didn't today. I am not sure how well or if he put on sunscreen, and his little back and front got super red. On our way home from supper tonight I did find him some aloevera with lydocaine so surely that will help.

For supper tonight we all went to The Gulf to eat. It was a perfect spot for everyone. They had tons of seating outside plus the food arrived super quick. Campbell and Keaton even found shirts there which meant that we didn't have to go souvenir shopping! 

After eating we were all full, but not that I full I guess. Shelley made oreo delight so kids were coming out of the wood work to get a bowl of it. Reagan was already in bed with her teeth brushed but came down for a bite.

We tried to work on the puzzle a bit tonight, but I think if we were here for about another week we could get it done, but after struggling for a good bit tonight, folks decided to go to bed. Maybe we should just take it home to Grannymom's house and all work on it there.

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