July 26, 2023

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  • The last two mornings we have had something early, but today we didn't, so I wasn't in a huge hurry to get moving this morning. Bentley is never in a hurry to get out of bed or go to the bathroom in the morning either.
  • It was sprinkling a little bit when I did take Bentley on a walk this morning. It kind of cooled us off a bit, but it was still super humid. So when we were finished, I was super sweaty and Bentley slightly smelled of wet dog. I knew that Keaton's chore today was washing Bentley.
  • The kids all seemed to wake up fairly early this morning. Now, I think that it was Campbell who first came down the stairs at 11:30-I guess "early this morning" is just a matter of perspective.
  • I had a mammogram this afternoon, and since the minivan had no gas (seriously, no gas), Robby drove me there and got gas during my appointment. Then it was back home for us. 
  • The kids had some school today so I worked with Whitman on his spelling and then some coding. And while I was thinking about school, I completely changed some of Whitman's school work for next year. I guess I just wanted to spice things up-changing everything a few days before school starts.
  • We made supper-we really need to try to clean out all of the food in this house. Then most of us headed to the movies: Reagan, Graham, and Campbell saw the Barbie movie while Robby and I went to the Sound of Freedom.
  • Currently, we are watching a Rookie with Keaton and Whitman since they missed out on the movie tonight.

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