July 18, 2023-Bull Shoals

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Today was a much more uneventful day which was quite nice. The girls slept a little bit, and Robby was already on his second work call when they did wake up. He lit the oven, and we put the chocolate croissants in the oven. They were from Trader Joe's, and Keaton has been so excited to try them. 

I think that she was pleased with them. They rose so much and were pretty massive, but they aren't very cheap so they will just be a very special breakfast item. After our late breakfast, we headed out to a swimming hold.

This state park doesn't have a swimming area probably because the current of this river would take you to Louisiana. I asked the lady at the visitor's center yesterday about one, and she gave me a piece of paper with two different places. She told me which one would be better so that is where we headed.

Maybe because we are from the city, but her idea of the better one and my idea of a swimming hole at all were pretty different. The first one was mainly just a boat dock. We decided that maybe the water was higher so we couldn't see the area that she was talking about, but since we didn't want them swimming at a boat dock, we went to area number two.

It took us a while to find this swimming area, and we had almost given up. However, we eventually did find it. It was a roped off area but not very large at all. We still went to swim though. Oh, yes, when we left the camper the electricity had gone off again. (Last night when we went to bed, the electricity was also off. Robby turned on our air conditioner so we would know when the power did come back on. The main air conditioner was running on the generator so we were all still comfortable. I woke right up at 1:30 when the power did come back on so he went outside to plug us back up and unplug the generator. )

We weren't really sure why the power was off this morning. There was a huge bucket truck and team of people working on all of the downed branches today, but we didn't see anything nearby to make us think the electricity should be off. Anyway, we decided to take Bentley with us on our trip to the swimming hole, but unfortunately, and like we had expected there was a sign that said no pets. 

So Robby stayed in the car and worked with Bentley while I went to the swimming area with the kids. I blew up 3 tubes for them, but I was sitting in a lawn chair with my feet in the water so I was good. When I finished with the tubes, I had my book to enjoy.

Robby left us to go and get gas. He said that he drove one way a good ways and found nothing, so he went the other way a good ways and also found nothing. He decided he better head back to us since he was gone so long looking for gas. The kids probably swam for an hour or maybe a little bit longer.

When he arrived back, we went to the next town to get gas and a Sonic drink. When we came back to the camper, the girls took Bentley to the river to try to get her in the water. She did a little bit more today, but that dog will not go where she needs to swim. Maybe she needs swimming lessons like me. I do think Bentley had fun though, but I know that Keaton and Sophia did.

They played cards most of the afternoon. We went on a few walks, and they also watched some tv Tonight I played a round of Five Queens with them again before we made air fryer pizzas for supper. Then Robby and I played Phase 10 with them while we made cookies in the air fryer. That card game lasted 2 hours, but it was still fun. 

Tomorrow we are driving a little way to see a new state park and who knows what else we will see.

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