July 9, 2023-All in One (Disney, Beach Camp, Seaside, and Dennie Family Trip)

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Robby and I woke up before our alarms rang this morning. We then started stirring around in the camper. I took Bentley on a walk, and then started waking up the kids. We had told them that we would wake them up before we left this morning.

Anderson had already asked to be woken up because he wanted to watch a car race. As soon as he did wake up, he turned on the tv and watched the race. We were almost to our first stop when his race stopped, but I was still surprised that it was already finished. I had just assumed that a car race would last a long time.

We pulled out this morning and headed to Sams in Pensacola. When we arrived Robby headed for the gas pumps. While he waited on one pump, I took Bentley potty. After not getting that pump and having others jump in line, he waited on another pump, and Reagan, Graham and I went in to buy a bag of ice,

Then while he was pumping gas (it was incredibly slow), we walked into the pick up spot with a buggy, and picked up our groceries. It all worked out perfectly though we did completely fill the buggy with our groceries. I was glad that Graham was with us, because he immediately went to work lifing the cases of cokes and water into the shopping cart.

From Sams, it was about a 45 minute drive to drop of Bentley for the week. She is spending the few days with a pet sitter in Foley. The lady's flower beds needed serious work which concerned me, but the lady looked nice, and the inside of her house did not smell or look trashy when I handed her Bentley's food. We even recieved a picture where Bentley was playing so I am sure that she is fine.

Then we parked the camper at Gulf State Park in Gulf Shores. As soon as we turned the engine off, the kids started hauling their bags out to the picnic table. That gave us more room to pack more things up. When it was check in time, Robby loaded the car with all of the kids but Reagan, and most of our things. 

He took them to the house, and they unloaded everything. Then he came back to pick up us and the food that we had to bring. When I arrived at the house, I found spots for all of our things, and soon started on supper.

It didn't take too long for Whitman and Cambpell to find their way to the beach. They swam in the ocean some and ended up in the pool. Anderson and Reagan worked a 300 piece puzzle as Robby and I worked on supper. Keaton helped with supper prep and chopped a ton of tomotoes for me.

Tonight's supper was chicken and beef tacos along with refried beans, cheese dip and all of the other fixings. For dessert we had baked a few cookies and opened up a pack of mini cheesecakes from Sams. After we cleaned up the kitchen, Robby and I went on a walk along the beach and all of the kids walked with us. They were pretty fun to listen to-the big 3 were talking about what their assignements are during their next trip (they leave Saturday).

When we came back, we sat out on the back patio for a good while watching the neighbors shoot of fireworks and listening to the waves. It was pretty pleasant outside. We stayed out there until almost 10, before heading in to bed.

The three boys are in one room with Whitman sleeping on an air mattress, and the three girls are in another room. Robby and I are on the bottom floor near the kitchen in case we need a midnight snack.

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