July 22, 2023

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  • Most everyone slept pretty late this morning except for Anderson. He was up early watching a Nascar race. Or at least I think that it was Nascar. Robby headed outside fairly early, while I went to town on the kids' laundry.
  • The amount of laundry today wasn't really that bad since Campbell and I washed and folded her laundry last night. Reagan's laundry was by itself in the washing machine upstairs. I thought about saving that for her, but decided I would fold it. It was easy to fold since everything belonged to one person.
  • When you start mixing all of our clothes together in the wash, that is when it gets a bit crazy. This morning on my two loads that I folded in the kitchen, I folded all of the shorts, then all of the shirts, then the underwear, and finally the socks. And yes, I even took breaks to do something else during this time. And yes, it took me forever, but I was happy as I was doing it.
  • During all of this I did go outside occasionally to help Robby. He was kind of hard to miss-standing on the seat of his tractor holding his pole saw reading to cut tree branches. The three times I went out there, he was needing help to get his saw unstuck. The more the day went on, the more this happened.
  • He had cut all evening last night, plus he did all morning today. There were branches everywhere so I had Anderson, Keaton, and Whitman came out and help us. I had told the other 3 that they were on crew 2 and would help in an hour. They were all ready to come out when I text to tell them they would just be on leaf duty another day.
  • We got it done! Anderson had the tractor and trailer and would fill a load and take it to one of the burn piles. Whitman, Keaton, and I would haul branches to the burn pile or to the woods. We worked right at an hour when we pretty much had things picked up.
  • Robby stayed outside working and mowing longer. We need a few more days in the yard like today, but really just leaving the yard and going camping is more fun.
  • This evening Campbell went to a friend's house for a little bit. Graham drove us there and then drove me back home. He did fairly well. He did much better on the way home-I think that maybe he was more relaxed on the way home or maybe I was more relaxed on the way home.
  • As I went to pick up Campbell, Robby and Anderson were headed out. They were going to watch a movie tonight and were the only ones who wanted to see it. I have my book to read and in a little bit it will be snack time before sending all of these people to bed.

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