July 21, 2023

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We are all back under one roof tonight. I am certainly glad that everyone is home, but also it is a lot of work having everyone here. Since June 9th, all of 8 of us have spent only 5 nights in this house together. We definitely have some readjusting to do.

This morning started off with a nice rain storm. I got out of bed for a minute, but after hearing the rain and thunder long enough I decided to climb back in bed since I didn't have a ton of things I wanted to accomplish today. Bentley was happy for me to be in bed with her. I left and couldn't make the bed because she was still snoozing soundly until almost 11.

Keaton, Whitman, and I went to Defy for a little bit. It had been over a month since we had been there. Then we ran to Sonic-it is Friday after all. Though all of the days lately have seemed like Fridays. Once we came home with them, I was home for about 30 minutes when Keaton and I left again.

We ran by the library and then to Micheals. We then hurried to church to pick up Campbell. Graham's bus actually about 10 minutes after Campbell's. He came from Arlington while she came from St. Louis. 

Reagan and Anderson's bus had broken down-well, their first bus broke down and then their second bus broke down so after picking up Campbell I went home for a little bit. Graham opted to stay at the churchhouse. 

So we were home long enough to throw some clothes in the wash, and then we headed back to church for Reagan and Anderson. They were already there waiting on the trailer with the luggage. It had had a flat so it was about 10 minute behind. 

The boys unloaded the trailer while the girls chatted. Then I picked up pizza on the way home, dropped off Noah's backpack, dropped off Alyssa, and finally made it home for the night. Robby had been working in the yard, so he stopped to eat.

The kids helped with their laundry some, but now everyone is quiet! I am sure that most folks will sleep well tonight.

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