July 4, 2023-All in One (Disney, Beach Camp, Seaside, and Dennie Family Trip)

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It was another hot day at Disney World for us. Robby ust said that he has had 3 showers today. I could have taken that many as well. At one point, I could have probably wrung out my clothes. Even when we came in once, Whitman, who is super chill about most things, said that he was going to go and put on a dry shirt.

We started our morning heading over to Magic Kingdom to see the Air Force fly over the castle. They made two passes, and this was neat to see. Now, I would have thought that the planes would have been spewing out red, white and blue smoke, but no, not today. 

As we stood in the shade, waiting to grab our spot in the sun when the time got closer, we told the kids that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to see these planes over the castle. And it was, but this was when we get so hot today.

The second those planes were out of sight, we zoomed on over and bought ourselves some slushies and a snack. We sat in the air conditioning to cool off. Then we rode the train back to Main Street and came back to the camper.

I finished one book last night, and I am halfway through with my new book. I am not a super fast reader, but when you don't have a phone for most of the day, you figure out other things to do. My phone is fine, but it is has been with Keaton most of the time. 

She sits in the camper for about 20 minutes to cool off, and then she leaves on her bike with my phone to scavenger hunt and with pins to trade. There are so many people out finding things, but she is managing to find a few things as well. Now, most things that she finds, we put in the box to bring back and hide the next time that we are here. She is having the time of her life. (Currently, she is watching the phone because they are hiding a backpack soon-11:15)

(Backpack update-it is now midnight, and Keaton and I just returned from an unseccessful hunt. We did make some memories though. And we saw an owl, I had a frog (or possibly a leaf) jump on my leg, and we saw a rabbit, an armadillo, and a frog the size of my head in the road.)

This afternoon Robby and Keaton put our chairs out on the parade route so we would have a good spot. At 4, the golf cart parade began. Seriously, I have never seen anything like it. There were at least a hundred golf carts-some playing music, some with bubbles, all with red, white, and blue decorations. It was something to see. 

Tonight we were able to vote for the winner. Keaton and I voted for the golf cart covered in a wooden replica of the steam boat in Magic Kingdom. These people went all out-meanwhile, we have an inflatable whale pool toy bungeed to the top of ours and didn't even add any lights.

The party on the beach started at 7 tonight, and we walked through that madness a bit after on our way to catch the boat for Magic Kingdom. The Magic Kingdom Main Street and area in front of the castle was full this morning for the flyover, but tonight it was suffocatingly full. 

We didn't stick around there long because our group had been called for Tron so we jumped in that line. It was shorter than usual, but we enjoyed it more because we didn't have to wait outside in the sun. When we left the ride, the fireworks were going off so we rode the Peoplemover to watch the rest of the fireworks.

While we were on that, we were able to go through Space Mountain while they had the lights on. That is just a good reminder that I never really want to ride Space Mountain-I do ride it because I want to be a "fun mom" but seriously, I hate that ride more than any other.

After the peoplemover, we went out a backstage exit to get to the boat. There were about 20 thousand of our closest friends exiting at the same time, but since we were taking the boat back to campground, we didn't have to wait long at all.

Whitman had some popcorn when we returned, and I started on the blog before we went driving around on the backpack hunt. Tomorrow is our last full day here so who knows what all we will end up doing.

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