July 27, 2023

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  • Some days just seem really long. I am not sure why this day does seem long, but for some reason I can't really remember the morning. 
  • Actually, it is coming back to me. Anderson had to be at church at 9 this morning to help move some boxes. They thought it would take them through lunch time and had even offered lunch, but really it doesn't take long for a bunch of high school boys to move quite a few boxes.
  • So Anderson was home fairly quickly. When he did come home, we still hadn't seen any of the girls yet. I am not sure if they slept late or if they just didn't come downstairs all morning long. 
  • I think that Whitman was the only one who did any school today. Actually, Keaton did some as well, but I am pretty sure that no one got any chores done today which I am not sure why.
  • At 1, I took Whitman and Keaton to Defy for a little bit. We were quite a bit down Lawson when we had to turn around for a wreck. But we did make it, and they stayed almost a whole hour jumping-Whitman was so sweaty when he finished.
  • Then it was back to the house for just a few minutes. I headed with Robby to pick up the camper-it isn't fixed, but there is a plan-an expensive plan, very expensive plan, but at least we have a plan. Though really, we don't know if the plan will fix the problem so it is all just a gamble.
  • After dropping Robby off, I went to Kroger to buy some peaches that were on sale, but they were all gone. Then I headed to the library while Campbell was church.
  • Reagan and Graham had dropped Campbell off earlier today so she could help pack lunches. Reagan and Graham were out because they were having a ChickFilA craving and had free food on their apps.
  • I picked Campbell up, and we came home. By the time that we came home, Anderson and Graham were on their way to Raymar to play spike ball with some kids. When they came home, most everyone had eaten some type of supper even if it was a very early supper from ChickFilA so Robby and I just snacked.
  • Campbell sat with us for a little bit to watch Rookie, but then when we all started to get our snacks she snuck out to chat with some of her friends on her phone.

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