July 29, 2023-Happy 15th Birthday Graham!

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  • Robby was awake and back with doughnuts for the birthday boy well before the birthday boy climbed out of bed. When Graham did come down for breakfast, Anderson, Robby, and I were the only ones awake to sing to him.
  • I did my little bit of chores this morning and then read a little bit. Robby headed outside to do some work on the camper locks. He worked all of the day in the crazy heat. After he finished the locks, he then moved on to washing the camper. The camper is pretty big so it took all of the day long.
  • Really though the rest of us just had a pretty lazy Saturday. We didn't do much at all. I did work on some some school. Keaton really worked on some school and even did some for next week. 
  • Graham drove me to Campbell's friend's house tonight. Campbell and her friends were going to pass out notes to encourage people at Walmart, and then she was going to spend the night at her friends.
  • Robby ran to ChickFilA to pick up the birthday boy's supper. He also bought supper for the rest of us. Most of the kids showered, and now we are ending the night like we have the past few nights-on the couch watching our show. 

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