July 28, 2023

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  • This morning I was surprised by how late I slept, but I was also surprised that Anderson wasn't up yet on the couch. Last night he said that he was going to wake up before 7 to watch some car racing on tv.
  • The morning started off fairly slowly. Reagan spent a good deal of the morning trying to get concert tickets. Unfortunately, she turned down the 300 dollar tickets trying to get a cheaper ticket, and then she was 20,000th in line. It wasn't a surprise that she didn't get tickets, but she wasn't too bummed about it.
  • The girls then headed to the Goodwill Bins. They were prepared and even took gloves which I don't think that they used. Reagan came home asking to be reminded that she does not want to go back there again, while Campbell came home with 2 new cute sweatshirts.
  • When they came home, we all headed to Defy. Graham hurt his ankle some last night so he didn't jump, so he came with me to Mardels to print his name on his new Bible. When we finished there, we picked up the others and ran to the new Taco Bell for a drink.
  • It wasn't until 6:30 that Reagan, Anderson, Graham, and Campbell left for dodgeball at Rock Creek. Anderson's team won two games, but Graham won individual round with Reagan in 2nd place and Anderson in 4th. They had pizza and ice cream and all came in talking tonight. 
  • While they were gone, Robby and I went to ChickFilA to pick up some free food for Keaton and Whitman's suppers. We took the longest time to decide where we wanted to go but ended up at the Goat Indian place. 
  • We had cheesy naan bread along with butter chicken and tikii masala. It was all delicious! Now that we have finished our supper, we are watching tv in the living room and eating Keaton's chocolate chip cookies that she made earlier today.

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