July 3, 2023-All in One (Disney, Beach Camp, Seaside, and Dennie Family Trip)

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Keaton wanted to wake up earlier this morning than yesterday mornning, so by 10 we were out making a few loops in the golf cart. We were searching for something from the scavenger hunt, but after driving through 8 different cabin loops we never found it. 

We came back and helped Robby put the laundry in the wash. Then there was some more looping around in the golf cart. After the laundry was dry and folded, we drove to the outlet mall to check out all the things at the Disney outlet. 

We usually find something, but today was the first time that we didn't buy anything at all. Keaton does love Loungefly backpacks, and there was one there, but she decided that she didn't need it. We always find ears there, but today there weren't any that we didn't have. Reagan will be glad to know that we didn't buy any because she feels that Disney ears are taking over their room.

Speaking of Reagan, and the other 3 campers-they arrived safely at camp around 1. They stopped for breakfast this morning-from what we can figure out from the credit card, they ate a chickfila and mcdonalds for breakfast, and panera bread and chipotle for lunch. Anderson probably used cash, but we are really just guessing on that-there were less credit card charges than Dennie kids so we aren't really sure.

Shannon sent me a few pictures so we were able to see the kids. It did look like Graham was working while Reagan, Campbell, and Anderson were playing games. 

Back to Disney, after leaving the outlet, we went to Hollywood Studios. It was hot today-like my clothes are nasty sweaty-even though it was 11 when we came back to the camper, we were still wiping sweat off of ourselves. 

We didn't push it too much at Hollywood-actually, all of the rides had longer waits that we would have liekd so instead we ate. We first bought a drink that Robby had read about-a strawberry hibiscus drink. But here's the thing-it had free refills. We downed three of those babies and could have drank a lot more refills had the whole game been here.

Then we moved over to the other side of the park and bought a Jack Jack's Nom Nom cookie. It was just a chocolate chip cookie, but it was probably 4 to 5 inches wide. We split that baby and thouroughly enjoyed it. Though eating a warm chocolate chip cookie was probably not the thing to do in this heat.

We stopped to see a few characters before traipsing in the heat back to the car. Keaton and Whitman could care less about seeing the characters, but we are in Disney after all. And they are good sports about it-probably because we are spoiling them rotten on this trip.

Back at the camper, Keaton took off on her bike with my phone. She was in and out for at least 3 hours. She would find something and hide something and just ride around. I do believe that she had a blast doing this. 

We had air fryer pizzas for supper, and around 9 we went to the beach to watch the fireworks. This was the spectacular 4th of July fireworks show. Now, maybe because we were not right in the middle of it, but it was just a 12 minutes firework show. And honestly, I think that our kids have seen fireworks in so many different places and seen so many Disney fireworks that they aren't easily impressed, and Robby and I grew up watching the Osbourne fireworks so we aren't impressed easily. 

After the fireworks, we caught a bus to the Magic Kingdom. There we were walking against thousands of people to get in the park while they were leaving the park. But the party was still happening-they had 3 different djs in different parts of the park. 

Keaton and Whitman did the speedway, we all rode Buzz and then Thunder Mountain before walking back to the boat. It is another late night, and tomorrow will be a little bit of an early morning. 

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