July 15, 2023

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  • Robby and I were awake early again this morning. Campbell had to be at church for her PLANT mission trip at 8. Graham, Anderson, and Reagan had to be there for their PLANT mission trip at 8:30. 
  • We left the house at 7:25ish so we were able to stop by McDonalds on the way. Now, my kids are used to traveling in a camper with easy access to the bathroom, so giving them a McDonalds breakfast made me a bit nervous for them. Good thing they had plenty of time before they left at church this morning.
  • We dropped off Campbell-making sure that she had her ear drops. When I did wake Campbell up this morning, her ear was still bothering her. One of Campbell's leaders is a nurse, but when I look in the pictures I also see our pediatrician friend so I don't have to worry too much about those drops actually getting into Campbell's ears. 
  • We drove slowly to the back of the church to drop off the others, but they were still early! They didn't mind though at all, nor did they mind to see us go. 
  • I have heard from most everyone-the girls are much more chatty. Campbell has been sending my pictures while Reagan has text to ask questions. She also text pretty early mad that she had forgotten her toothbrush. Thankfully, she was able to buy one at some point today. 
  • I text Anderson a question and he responded very briefly. Robby did text Graham, and he wrote back. I might check in on them a little bit later tonight. Robby said that maybe the kids wished they weren't allowed to bring their phones on this trip since their parents were probably all texting them.
  • When we came home, we went to work reloading the camper. That took a while, but it isn't difficult to do. Robby then went to his folk's house for a bit while I stayed here and worked. I marked quite a few things off of my list and even helped Keaton make a cheesecake.
  • Robby and I went to weigh the camper (we are a bit overweight), and then to Kroger for gas and food. When we did get home, I started trying to find things to take out of the camper. I did take one load out-and weighed it: 5.8 pounds. I have quite a few more loads to take out of that thing-we still don't think that is causing our tire problem though.
  • Somehow pulling things out of the camper has cause me to start organizing things in the house-tupperware cabinet, cabinet over my potty, and the paper products. I should be cleaning this house ot trying to make it neat.
  • Robby, Keaton, Whitman and I did all go to McAlisters for supper tonight. Robby and I both had baked potatoes, and they were just pretty good. Then it was on to see PopShelf where Whitman bought a bubble machine. 
  • Next we ran into Trader Joe's for orange chicken-they were out. But we high tailed it to Sams, and I ran in for some. We then came home, and Robby worked on cleaning up his projects in the camper while I got sucked into the show that Keaton was watching.
  • We do have Keaton's cheesecake for supper, and Blue Bell to eat tonight! It is our 23rd anniversary after all. 

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