July 2, 2023-All in One (Disney, Beach Camp, Seaside, and Dennie Family Trip)

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Another fun day at Disney World for us. Robby and I woke up fairly early this morning, but we stayed in bed long enough to watch church at home before he left to take a shower in the bathhouse. I did eventually start making noise so I could wake up Keaton and Whitman.

I guess since we stay up so late at Disney, waking up early isn't the easiest. We had talked about rope dropping in the morning at Hollywood, but instead we decided that we will pass on that and go to plan B. It is 11:15 right now, and evne though Keaton and Whitman are in their pajamas they are going strong.

Before we left the campground this morning, we did drive around a little bit on the golf cart. I can not explain how fun this place is-it is so busy. Keaton loves the scavenger hunt and has been looking for things all day long. Unfortunately, she has only found one thing today. This is fine though since most things we do find we put in the box to bring back next time to hide. We did grab Whitman for a stop at someone's campsite today for snow cones.

Then it was on to Epcot. Our Gaurdians of the Galaxy group had been called. This ride is always a bit much for me-I love the parts on the roller coaster where we are going straight and really, I couldn't ride the ride a second time. Robby never seems to understand this when I say it-until today. We sat in the very back row, and he felt it today!

Of course, we then stopped at our drink spot to sit and have a beverage. We rode Figment before walking through the butterfly exhibit. There were a lot of butterflies in there, but there were also a lot of butterflies flying on the plants nearby so I am not really sure which was more impressive. Then we went to Soaring before sitting down for another coke. Don't judge us-it is hot out there!

After this, we walked back to the car. It was a bit hard to leave since the wait times were not crazy anywhere at Epcot today. Maybe the heat keeps the locals away, but the crowds weren't too bad at all which was a good thing for us.

We then came back to the campground where we had about 3 hours before needing to check in for dinner. We splurged tonight since there were just 4 of us and went to the Hoop Dee Doo Review. Robby thought we were getting there early so they would assign us a good table, but when we did arrive there were a hundred people in line in front of us easily.

However, our table was slap dab in the middle of the place. It could not have been more perfect. It was so in the middle of the place that twice all of the performers circled our table while dancing. The main guy stood by us quite a bit, and some of the singers even sang a song right behind Robby and Whitman. 

The food was plentiful-salad, cole slaw, cornbread (my favorite), mac and cheese (Whit's favorite), mashed potatoes (Keaton's favorite), beans, ribs, fried chicken, and strawberry shortcake. Whenever we got the end of a dish, or even near the end of it, they would take it away and fill it back up. 

The show was really fun. Whitman and Keaton enjoyed it too-Whitman has always loved musicals. Poor Campbell did see where we were at and wrote to ask when we were taking her there. Robby is checking the blog, and it does look like we have actually taken her and Keaton and Whitman to the Hoop Dee Doo Review before. 

Reagan, Anderson, Campbell and Graham are now on their way to Florida for church camp with Rock Creek. They will travel all night long in busses and arrive tomorrow morning. Reagan won't really know anyone, but she is adaptable and will have a blast, and I know that the others will enjoy it as well.

They went to church this morning, and then ate lunch at Grannymom's house. Campbell must have been pretty bored today because she made cookies for them to eat this afternoon and even had some ready for Pops who took them to Rock Creek tonight at 9.

We will pick them up on Friday morning after camp in Florida, and then play at Seaside for a bit before meeting the Dennie's for the family trip. 

After our show tonight, we were the ones who needed the walk more than Bentley. We walked about a mile at 11 tonight before starting to slow down for the evening. 

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