July 8, 2023-All in One (Disney, Beach Camp, Seaside, and Dennie Family Trip)

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Today was a lazy day around here, but we sure seemed to stay busy. Robby and I were up before 7, but stayed quiet for a good while. Around 10, we started stirring people to get ready for our morning outing. Anderson opted to stay back at the camper, so we didn't even wake Whitman up to ask what he wanted to do.

We drove to Seaside which is about 10 miles from where we are staying. They were having their farmer's market so we walked around that. Then we looked over at their beautiful beach for a bit before looking into some stores. There is a little food place there that is so neat-It reminds me of where we bought sandwiches when we were in Napa Valley 20 or so years ago.

There was also a book store on the town square that we went into. It was so insanely crowded that we could barely see anything. Reagan and I both love bookstores-maybe because we are the only ones who do enjoy reading. I could have stayed in there a lot longer if we didn't have to fight the crowds.

Walmart trip 1: After the bookstore, we found Robby who was moving the car because the parking meter was up, and we headed to Walmart. We needed mustard, cheeses, and shaving cream, but we left with a whole buggy of things. Graham wanted a beach ball, Campbell wanted a snorkel, Robby wanted a mat, Reagan wanted a volleyball...I don't think that Keaton or I bought anything for us though. We also bought an ice chest to keep our drinks cold in the house-there are a lot of us so we go through a lot of drinks in a day (For example: Anderson could drink well over 5 water bottles a day on a trip plus a gatorade or two.)

Walmart trip 2: We had been back for a while, when Graham came to tell Robby that the new ice chest was leaking from the water release thingy. Robby tried to screw it in better, but apparently we bought a dud. So we had to empty one of my packing tubs onto the table. Then we poured the drinks and ice into it while we went to exchange the ice chest.

Walmart trip 3: We returned the ice chest, and Robby just opted to buy 2 styrofoam ice chests instead. On the way home, Robby noticed the oil light came on in the car. He had one thing of oil with us in the camper (Seriously, it is hard to explain, but we have a little bit of everything in this camper.) But he wanted to go ahead and be done with it, so off he went to Walmart again to buy oil for the car.

And this is when I learned to dump the camper very quickly. Before Robby thought about leaving, he was cleaning out the tanks. He has a special thing that allows him to pump water into the tanks-he has a water gauge that tells him how many gallons of water have gone into the tank plus he always sets a timer. If he puts too much water in the tank, well, let's just say that we have heard horror stories of this happening. What really do you clean black tank debris (black tank is where the potty water goes) with? Do you use a towel? Paper towels? Or do you just abondon it and buy a new one?

Well, those were about to be our choices today. Robby must have gotten distracted because he didn't set a timer, and he just up and left while spraying water into the tanks. I was sitting outside reading when Anderson burst out of the camper to say that brown (sorry) water was filling the sink and shower.

I knew what was happening, and in my mind I knew what I needed to do, but these are things I have never done myself. I ran to the other side of the camper not know exactly what to do. There are so many hoses and levers and pipes and my goodness. I wasn't sure how to turn off the water, so I decided the quickest way to get the water out was to pull the dump lever-grey tank didn't pull out anymore, black tank didn't pull out anymore, finally I pulled the lever on the thing that allows him to clean the tank and water started leaving.

By this time too, I had also stopped the water coming into the camper and unhooked that hose for good measure. Whitman reported that the water was gone, and thankfully I just had to clean the sink and shower and not the floor of the entire camper. I am so glad that Anderson was sitting nearby and heard some gurgling sounds. If he had not, I just don't want to think about it.

When Robby got back, I made him give all of the responsible adults a lesson:Anderson, Graham, and I. Robby had not been home for long when it started raining. Rain is fun and all, but for some reason it always rains the day that we need to put our things away. 

Tonight we should have been able to put up the tent and rug since we leave tomorrow. However, those things are now having to dry out from the rain. And this just wasn't any rain; it was a storm. Keaton, Reagan and I were holding the tent down while Robby and Anderson were putting up the tv and closing the awning. Chairs were blowing, things were falling off the table, the wind was whipping, it was madness! 

Thankfully, the rain stopped and things were able to dry out a good little bit. For supper, Robby heated up leftover pizza in the air fryer for the boys, Keaton and I had potato soup while Reagan and Cambpell had fetticine.

After eating, we all headed to Blue Mountain Beach Creamery. We all had 2 scoops of ice cream. Whitman and I were the only ones who chose to eat ours in a bowl. My two scoops seemed more like 4, but Reagan's ice cream-it was at least 6 scoops. It was craziness! We even took Bentley since we felt like we needed to spoil her a little bit today.

Back at the camper, some more folks had showers, and Robby just put some laundry in the wash. We picked up what was dry outside and loaded up the car so hopefully tomorrow's start can begin on time.

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