July 19, 2023-Bull Shoals

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It was another pretty great day around here. Robby and I were again up right at 7-he did some work while I started reading. The kids slept for another few hours until we started stirring. Then we made them chocolate chip pancakes before I took Bentley on a walk or two this morning.

Then we loaded up to go to Mammoth Springs State Park. It was about an hour and a half from here and touches the Missouri line. It was a nice drive, and we saw so many campgrounds on all of the lakes near here. 

Many of those campgrounds didn't have trees. Robby mentioned that there would be no shade while I reminded him that there would be no tress falling. This whole storm the other day as now confused me about the things I appreciate in a campsite. Is shade really that important? I think I would still opt for a shaded campsite. 

Anyway, the Mammoth Spring gushes out like 9 million gallons of water an hour. On the way there, we talked about the Spring river, and Robby said that many people like it because it is never dry. After seeing that mammoth spring which leads into the Spring river, we understand now why the Spring river isn't usually dry. 

It was pretty neat to see. We walked around the spring and the surrounding lake. There was also a train station there along with the remnants of the power generator. Right nearby was a fish hatchery that had a small aquarium in the lobby of their building so we looked at it for a bit. 

On the way out, we scrambled around on the ground looking for fish food that other people had dropped. We didn't have a quarter in the car to buy food, so we had to just scavenge. This brought back a lot of memories since I vividly remember doing that at the zoo to feed the fish whenever I would forget the quarters.

On the way home, we stopped in Mountain Home for ice cream. Keaton doesn't like ice cream so Robby didn't buy her any, but she was busy while we were eating since they gave Bentley a free ice cream (peanut butter and milkbone). We did stop to get Keaton a Sonic drink at the next corner.

Then it was back to the camper where the girls played volleyball for a short amount of time. Then they went back to playing Five Crowns and watching Survivor. Tonight we had alfredo tortellini, and then we took a walk.

The girls tried to get Bentley to get in the water again tonight, but she wasn't as interested as she was last night. We walked Bentley afterwards to dry her off while the kids rode their bicycles. Tonight's game was Skip-bo, and I was the winner. 

Right now we have just finished eating s'mores, and people are starting to brush their teeth. I still have my shower to take, but maybe I will have some time to read my book tonight before I fall asleep.

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