July 6, 2023-All in One (Disney, Beach Camp, Seaside, and Dennie Family Trip)

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Robby was awake before I was this morning, but not long after I was up and ready, we were taking the golf cart to the front so he could come and pick it up to return it. I woke up Keaton to ask if she wanted to make one last loop to see if she could trade any pins before we left, but she said he didn't. A bit later, I woke her up again to ask if she wanted to ride with Robby to fetch the golf cart, but again her answer was no. I guess she was pretty tired.

We loaded up the car and headed out of Fort Wilderness. I told Robby that even though we still have two more times there, I will be sad when we leave for the last time this year. But we both agreed, that we kind of have mixed feelings-we love Disney and the campground so that will be sad to not be able to come back for a very long while. Also though it will be kind of exciting to be able to plan trips to somewhere other than Florida the next year.

We had 5 hours to drive today. We stopped once for gas (or maybe twice), and then we also stopped so Robby could tighten the straps on the car. After the first 100 or so miles, those straps stretch out a bit so he likes to tighten them.

I listened to some of my book-I still have 3 hours to go, but I believe that I only have it for 3 more days. I have the copy of the book at home so I can finish reading it there if my audiobook does expire. Robby listened to a few sermons as he drove. Really, the day went fairly quickly.

We are in a newish campground in or near Santa Rosa Beach. Now this place doesn't have any trees which will make it hot tomorrow, but it is super nice. Since the rain came the other day, all of our outside stuff Robby had just thrown in the back of the van so when we arrived today, we set most things up so we could organize things a little bit better because tomorrow this camper is going to get full. We double the amount of people living in here, and I think that we had gotten accostumed to spreading out a little bit.

The kids swam for a few minutes tonight. Then we came back to the camper and had orange chicken for our supper. Afterwards, Robby and I sat ourside-he worked and I read. Our evening snack was s'mores, and we will probably have an earlier bedtime than usual tonight because tomorrow is an early morning.

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